Global Warming “Ravishing” Newt’s Home State

It is almost as beautiful as his wig.

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4 Responses to Global Warming “Ravishing” Newt’s Home State

  1. Andy Weiss says:

    It is apparent that the cooling climate caused all the tornadoes in the South. We must burn much more fossil fuel if we are to save the planet.

    • Carbonicus says:

      You joke but having studied this for a decade and been in the environmental industry 22 years, I’ve opined that there’s equal chance we may be building coal-fired power plants as fast as we can in the next 10-20 years to emit as much CO2 as possible in order to stave off the effects of the next Little Ice Age as there is the idea that we will be scrambling to deal with the effects of Thermageddon.

      • 4gsltw says:

        Exactly, and that’s exactly what I do. If we all did, we may actually have a tiny little impact. At least we could make a few plants happier before the ice hits them.

  2. Lance says:

    There you go again Steve, putting up real data to confuse a good BS story!

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