Up Is Down

Climate change reduced wheat and corn yields from 1980 to 2008, U.S. researchers said in a study published in the journal Science.



Yields went up



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10 Responses to Up Is Down

  1. Andy Weiss says:

    This is a prime example of cherry picking. There were three major droughts in the 1980’s, but none during the cold period from 1955-1979.

    If they went back to the mega-droughts of the 1930’s, the results would be completely different.

    There has not been a major drought in the US Corn Belt since 1988.

  2. bubbagyro says:

    And if things had gone just right, “I coulda been a contenda”.

    This is Bloomberg, which news should be taken with no assurance. Bloomberg is almost always wrong with business predictions. I imagine that the good Mayor became rich either through blind luck, or more likely, the largesse of his buddies and cronies.

    However, this is typical leftist spin, by saying that “the budget is being cut”, when the amount of increase asked for was too high to begin with, but yet there is still an increase after a “compromise”. Example: I ask my boss for a 50% raise. He gives me a 10% raise. So my salary has been drastically cut under this evil boss!

    Columbia is not your top tier school anymore, that is a fact. It would have been 35% better, with 75% more competent students, I’ll wager, if we still had Giuliani as Mayor!

    So, based on my retrospective analysis and speculation, the headline should read, “New York City colleges produce lower quality graduates under Bloomberg”. (I’m being sarcastic, but this may be a true statement)

  3. Philip Finck says:

    Certain crop yields fell because they didn’t increase as much as our models otherwise predicted????
    At least Trenbleth he had the brains to say that the study would have been better if they had actually used real data. He is starting to figure out that people are just laughing at the `models’.

    But that temp (I presume he meant rising) and droubt go hand in hand. Tell that to people along the Mississippi, along the Red River in western Canada, and I presume southwards to our neighbours, also in Quebec, New Brunswick, our Aussie friends, on and on. Idiots! I thought rising temperatures caused floods? Now I am really confused.

    I know, rising temperatures correlate +ve with increasing bear consumption. And increased beer consumption means more fermentation thus increased CO2 emissions. And there is of course the +ve feedback from the escape of CO2 when the cans are opened. Together it leads to exponential temperature increases and beer consumption.

    Thats the solution. Stop the brewing of beer and AGW issue will be solved. Ignore the beer riots.

  4. Jimbo says:

    Crop yields fall as temperatures rise ”

    Yields went up, but they didn’t go up as much as they might have,”


  5. Climate Denial Crock of the Week has posted its second “unintended crock” of the day on this topic. Embarrassing to say the least.

  6. Don B says:

    Watts Up shows a graph of the continually rising yields for corn since 1980. Yes, up is down.


  7. suyts says:

    Global crop production years 1980, 1990, 2000 and 2010

    Wheat Production (1000 MT) World 435,867– 588,801– 583,105– 647,181
    Corn Production (1000 MT) World 408,734–481,963–591,361–814,941
    Meal, Soybean Prod. (1000 MT)World 43,940–69,229–116,075–177,816
    Oilseed, Soybean Prod. (1000 MT)World62,226–104,290–175,759–260,972
    Rice, Milled Prod. (1000 MT)World 269,908–351,370–399,396–450,681


  8. The one thing that has truly reduced is the turnaround time between rubbish getting published on Science or Nature, and aforementioned rubbish to be identified as such.

    We’re down to less than one day, I remember when I could still claim first-post on things written weeks before.

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