The Infernal Wind

I had a college roommate from Casper, Wyoming who said that the suicide rate was very high there because the wind drove people insane. We are getting a taste of that this year in Colorado.

Last July 4 we had to go to Cheyenne to shoot fireworks, because the Fort Collins police were cracking down on anyone caught enjoying themselves. It was very cold and windy in Wyoming and we left quickly and ended up with a big load of fireworks for next year.

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  1. Andy Weiss says:

    I went to college in Frostburg, MD, which is on the lee side of the Allegheny Plateau. That had to be the windiest place in the eastern US. Once when there the wind got up to 100 mph with a cold frontal passage in December. 50-60 mph winds were almost a daily event, with continuous snow flurries during winter. Buildings were always shaking.

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