No Sea Level Rise For The Past 50 Years

While the IPCC and its boy
scouts present wilder and wilder
sea level predictions for the near
future, the real observational
facts demonstrate that sea level
has remained virtually stable for
the last 40-50 years.

h/t to Joe D’Aleo

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4 Responses to No Sea Level Rise For The Past 50 Years

  1. Mike Davis says:

    There needs to be more research into sea level changes before that period as the possibility exists that Global sea level has been basically stable since the Holocene Optimum or receding slightly in response to long term cooling towards the next Glacial Maximum. On a decade or even century scale I would expect natural variations to go along with long term weather patterns. On a multimillinial scale I would expect to see a decrease to go along with the long term cooling!

    • Mike Bromley says:

      This research will result in more selective cherry-picking. The warm camp has already engaged in comparing relatively high-sample-rate data from the last thirty years with intermittent data from the previous 150 or so, resulting in a rather imprecise patchwork of data types interpreted precisely to fit their models and theories. It is into this systematic data-bashing that any further research is bound to go; and if even slightly skeptical, will disappear!

  2. BT Harley says:

    King tide pics from Broome Western Australia, showing pics from 1960’s compared to this week. We had 10.3m of movement on Tues 22nd March, and it was no higher than any time in the past century or so…

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