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Shock News From Catlin : The Arctic Has Severe Storms

The Catlin team hasn’t moved for a week due to the weather, despite the fact that leading experts tell us there isn’t enough energy in cold climates to produce storms. http://www.catlinarcticsurvey.com/2011/03/28/the-storm/  

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Amazon Hit By Droughtflood

Brazil is recovering from months of widespread floods and ravaged by widespread drought – at the same time. http://www.upi.com/ http://www.ibtimes.com/

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Shock News : Arctic (Including Quebec And Japan) Ice – Only 93% Of “Normal”


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Smokey The Bear Kills

100 years of fire suppression, combined with incompetent National Park Service  employees, led to a controlled burn becoming a disastrous fire eleven years ago in Los Alamos, NM. I spent the last couple of days hiking and running in Los … Continue reading

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Prince Harry To Hike In The Unfrozen Arctic

Good thing that the headline writer specified that the temperature is in Fahrenheit. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/  

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Hansen Says People Who Intentionally Spread Misinformation About The Climate Should Be Put On Trial For High Crimes


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Blue State vs. Red State


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Ghana Always Humiliates The US – Will England Fare Better?

England chokes in the 90th minute.

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Arnie’s Green Jobs Program Kicks In

California unemployment

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Guardian Wants Hydrogen Powered Cars


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