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Important Point From Roy Spencer

if the satellite warming trends since 1979 are correct, then surface warming during the same time should be significantly less, because moist convection amplifies the warming with height. This is a key point which is normally ignored by alarmists. GISS … Continue reading

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Way Too Much Medical Marijuana In Boulder

Check out this classic example of distorted logic : To those of us living in Boulder and surrounding communities, it may come as a surprise that many people remain unconvinced that the use of fossil fuels is the main contributor … Continue reading

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“John Connor and his soldiers coming back from the future to change the course of technology”


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Sea Ice Loss Causing Problems In Latvia


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Guardian Says Berkeley Knows The Truth

They are completely unbiased and open minded, though they have already determined (ahead of their neutral study) that global warming is the most serious problem in the world. Muller is fed up with the politicised row that all too often … Continue reading

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LANL Study Says Climate Models Are Bass Ackwards

Cooling trend could be on the way (for the Southwest) unless thwarted by greenhouse gasses http://www.lanl.gov/news/releases/dry_lake_reveals_evidence_of_southwestern_megadroughts.html I used to work with some of the authors. There have been hundreds of newspaper articles recently about how climate models say the southwest is going … Continue reading

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Guest Post from suyts

Well, this is boring. Steve runs off to play snowman and we’re stuck with more insanity in the blogosphere. Well, when the cat’s away…….. What I learned last week………. Much was made over the “Agreeing” posts at Curry’s and Lucia’s … Continue reading

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Exceptional Mildness In Canada And Greenland Continues

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