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The Science Changes Every Year, But They Can Make Forecasts Within 0.1 Degrees 100 Years In The Future

If Republicans were smart, they could understand this simple concept. Ten years is a very long time, but 100 years isn’t. Jeff Masters, director of meteorology at the Weather Underground, has to quite patiently concede, “Have we learned a great … Continue reading

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2000 : Park Service Burns Up 400 Homes In Los Alamos

Eleven years ago the US Park Service did a controlled burn (in 40 mph winds) southwest of Los Alamos, NM, -which burned up 50,000 acres and 400 homes. The Cerro Grande Fire was a disastrous forest fire in New Mexico, United States of America … Continue reading

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If Next Winter Is Warm And Dry, It Will Get Blamed On Global Warming

“We expected this”

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EPA : Chicago Heat To Make Lake Michigan To Dry Up

Midwest: During the summer, public health and quality of life, especially in cities, will be negatively affected by increasing heat waves, reduced air quality, and increasing insect and waterborne diseases. In the winter, warming will have mixed impacts. Significant reductions … Continue reading

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GISS : Winters Are Getting Much Colder

We have been subjected recently to massive doses of propaganda correlating record snow with alleged warming, but GISS shows winter temperatures plummeting in North America, Europe and Asia. http://data.giss.nasa.gov/ Are these climate experts ignorant about the climate, or are they dishonest? What do … Continue reading

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97% Of Climate Scientists Agree That The Urban Heat Island Effect Impacts GISSTemp

climate scientists today overwhelmingly agree that man-made climate change is occurring. A 2009 study of 77 active climate scientists found that 97% agreed that “human activity is a significant contributing factor in changing mean global temperatures.” http://mediamatters.org/blog/201103030031

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Ice Ages Explained

Jeff Masters unveiled some important new research this week explaining that snow cover in the deep south was due to warming temperatures. Apparently Mobile, Alabama was simply too cold to receive snow prior to last year. Extending this logic, we … Continue reading

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EPA Forecast : Declining Spring Snow Cover In Idaho

Northwest: Salmon and other coldwater species will experience additional stresses as a result of rising water temperatures and declining summer streamflows. Sea-level rise along vulnerable coastlines will result in increased erosion and the loss of land. Declining springtime snowpack leads … Continue reading

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EPA Warns Of Declining Snow Cover, Rising Sea Level, And Blistering Heat In New England

http://www.epa.gov/climatechange/effects/usregions.html Northeast: Extreme heat and declining air quality are likely to pose increasing problems for human health, especially in urban areas. Agricultural production, including dairy, fruit, and maple syrup, are likely to be adversely affected as favorable climates shift. Severe … Continue reading

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Idaho Gets 200 cm Of Snow In One Week

LOOKOUT PASS, Idaho — Mother Nature dumped record snow on Lookout Pass.  The area took the record for the most snowfall worldwide within the past week. The resort tallied up six and a half feet of fresh snowfall within seven … Continue reading

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