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Penn And Teller Explain Recycling In Plain English (Unlike What They Speak In Glasgow)

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Dear Bing : If You Have To Hijack My Web Browser To Become My Default Search Engine – Then Maybe You Should Take A Hint That There Is Something Wrong With Your Search Engine And Your Ethics

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Hiding The Decline Actually Meant Hiding The Increase


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97% Of Scientists Used To Believe That The Sun And Stars Orbit Around The Earth

It was settled science.

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Scottish Government Dips Even Further Into The Realm Of Eco-insanity

Have aliens invaded and replaced government with a race of morons? http://www.guardian.co.uk/

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Einstein Predicted That Global Warming Would Create Hurricanes Which Target Black People


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1980 : Your Lifestyle Is Tipping The Balance Of The Heavens


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Why Is Romm No Longer Interested In Moscow?


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La Nina Resurgence?

http://weather.unisys.com/surface/sst_anom.gif Cold water is reappearing along the west coast of South America, after being gone for the past month. SSTs around Greenland continue to plummet.

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Brian Cox Knows The Answers To All Questions


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