CSM 2010 : Gulf Oil Spill Was The Worst Disaster In Earth’s 4.5 Billion Year History

Even worse than the planetary collision which formed the Moon!


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7 Responses to CSM 2010 : Gulf Oil Spill Was The Worst Disaster In Earth’s 4.5 Billion Year History

  1. Latitude says:

    That’s because all of the crude went around the gulf, between Key West and Cuba, and up the east coast to Nova Scotia….

    …like they predicted

  2. Doug Proctor says:

    The spillcam showed a white, frothy mixture coming from the broken pipe, not a solid plug of dark oil, but an oil-gas-water mixture. The reservoir pressure had dropped substantially during the blowout, so that BP/the government was not to be worried about the BOPs/”hat” failing, meaning the initial oil-in-place was not the bizarre, large number as per initial estimates used to highlight how much oil the USA still had in the Gulf. The oil plume downstream couldn’t be found, neither that nor the methane. Like Trenberth’s missing oceanic heat from AGW, the horrendous amount of oil was assumed to be elsewhere, just not visible, though some suggested that unknown organisms gobbled it all up.

    Like Trenberth’s “problem” of missing heat, the huge oil spill may well have been in the minds of modelers, not in the ocean. It makes sense if it were never there than it caused less damage than anticipated for unknown but lucky reasons.

    I think we really did go to the Moon, but we were once again snookered with the BP oil spill. The argument-style of AGW, playing models against models instead of against data, has many applications. Like saved lives and trillions of dollars with the Clean Air Act.
    The disconnect betwee

  3. gofer says:

    Where is all that oil?? I haven’t read or heard a single report on this disaster. Aren’t they supposed to be following the oil and reporting on all the damage since they since it will take decades for it to dissipate? All I see is ads from fishermen telling us how great the shrimp is and to “come on down.” They are now hyping the “horrors” of the nuclear plant in Japan. Wanna bet it will end the same as the Gulf spill?

  4. gofer says:

    Everytime I see something like this, I hear George Carlin doing his rant…the earth will be fine…but we will be f…..

  5. Layne Blanchard says:

    “can earth survive?” “Planet’s health challenged in ways that have never occurred in its 4.5 Billion year history?”

    Reading their apocalyptic perspective, I am reminded of the words of Lubos…. Holy Cattle!

    Too bad they weren’t here when Meteor Crater was formed. Or when Yellowstone last popped its cork. A little perspective is in order.

    • Mike Bromley says:

      Yes, but the religious tenet for many is that the world is only 6000 years old, so disasters older than that don’t count.

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