38% Growth In Arctic Sea Ice Since September 2012

Green shows ice growth since September 2012. Red shows ice loss.

Extent is 38% larger than the 2012 minimum. Extent will shrink some before mid-September, so the minimum coverage for 2015 will be a little lower than it is now.

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34 Responses to 38% Growth In Arctic Sea Ice Since September 2012

  1. hskiprob says:

    See the red does show the glaciers are melting. Is that the area where the global alarmists are showing the pics and data?

  2. Slightly off topic again but thanks Tony for helping offset the “Official” line by the agencies. Check this one out! http://www.marketwatch.com/story/this-year-is-shaping-up-to-be-the-worlds-warmest-ever-recorded-2015-08-20?link=MW_home_latest_news

  3. Ron Clutz says:

    The human race, as well as the biosphere, benefits from more open water in the Arctic, not less. It’s time to remove the warmist blinders on this issue.


  4. Dmh says:

    The climate debate has stopped until mid September, all eyes are on the Arctic ice now.
    All we, the skeptics, need is a little help from the Sun.

    • rah says:

      Na, better we had some help from ISIS in Paris then. OOps! That wasn’t very PC of me now was it?

      • AndyG55 says:

        Its a battle for who controls the world.. UN or ISIS !!
        Could get interesting, because they are pretty much equally under-handed and vile.

        • rah says:

          I believe it’s more a battle of who “thinks” they will control the world. You kill UN people they run away. ISIS does the same. Neither can stand up to direct confrontation with real power and will to use it without significant support and the will of the existing powers that be.

      • Robertv says:

        ISIS = a Mossad + CIA operation to create the perfect enemy.

        • Jason Calley says:

          Hey Robertv! Most people have heard of cases where some local window repair guy is caught breaking windows to drum up business. And yet, the average person still refuses to believe that some lying politician will use the same trick. It is the old story of the Big Lie. Being basically honest, most people understand the temptation to tell little lies — but they just cannot bring themselves to see that some people will not hesitate to tell gigantic lies and to kill millions.

        • inMAGICn says:

          Boko Haram = Canadian + Shell Oil plot to keep oil prices high
          9-11 = Mossad + Bush operation to go to war
          WWII = Roosevelt + Stalin plot to divide the world
          Chicago fire = Irish + Bovine operation to turn city into bogs and meadows
          Civil War = British and French Industrialist plot to keep cotton prices low
          ISIS conspiracy nuts = Stetson + ALCOA plot for new line of headgear

        • Robertv says:

          You just wonder how the most advanced weapon systems that ever existed are not capable to find these


          when infrared detectors can follow the path of a submarine.

        • Henry rl says:

          the weapon industry “needs an enemy” to justify continuing to exist….
          the weapon industry is the biggest industry in the world….

        • Henry P says:

          the weapon industry “needs an enemy” to justify continuing to exist….
          the weapon industry is the biggest industry in the world….

  5. lectrikdog says:

    ***FLASH*** David Appell update ***FLASH***
    Appell tries to tangle with Mark Steyn


    This is rich folks!

  6. HL Mencken says:

    We’ve wandered a long ways off the reservation (as interesting as some of
    the above comments are) haven’t we.

  7. Henry P says:

    RobertV says

    Henry says
    my comment was in reply to Robertv
    the weapon industry “needs an enemy” to justify continuing to exist….
    the weapon industry is the biggest industry in the world….

  8. Made says:

    If there is a growth in ice cover it must be due to the new and very dangerous warm ice which will kill us all if we do not pay our climate change taxes

  9. Henry P says:

    here is another puzzle for you

    Acc. to Bryan Walsh and Pres. Obama (Time Mag,Aug. 16 2015) to combat climate change we must replace fossil fueled power plants with nuclear plants. It is common knowledge that nuclear plants needs lots of cold water for cooling purposes. In fact the fish around the Koeberg plant here in South Africa have all perished. Nevermind that, the warmed water of the nuclear plant obviously finds its way into the oceans. Add some sunshine, and what do you get: more water vapor….Water vapor is a strong green house gas……….

  10. Richard says:

    Where can I get some documentation for the green, yellow and red picture of the Arctic ice growth since 2012? Shared it and got a come back saying it wasn’t true.

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