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Problematic Adjustments And Divergences (Now Includes June Data)

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Fixing Nick Stokes FUD

Nick Stokes is raising dust over at WUWT about my USHCN data. My USHCN calculations are very simple. I average all of the USHCN monthly data per year. The average USHCN final data diverges massively from the measured (raw) temperatures. Nick claims … Continue reading

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Why The EPA Needs To Be Terminated

During the 1960’s, environmentalists like myself bragged about our success stories cleaning up America’s rivers. Now the EPA is doing the exact opposite. On the same week they laid out their plan to destroy America’s energy infrastructure and vast tracts of … Continue reading

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Today’s Featured Climate Fraudster – Jason Box

Jason Box of Denmark is today’s featured climate fraudster, as he is one of the principals pushing the Greenland melting scam. Jason claims that 2015 was a big melt summer in Greenland Climate models also don’t yet sufficiently resolve extended … Continue reading

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