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Nights Getting Much Warmer In Parker, Az

Afternoon temperatures in Parker, Az peaked in the 1890s, and have never gotten that hot again, but nighttime temperatures have warmed five degrees.   Divergence between minimum and maximum trends is almost ten degrees.  The National Weather Service has reported … Continue reading

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Glaciers Were Disappearing During NASA’s Coldest Years Ever

18 May 1911 – GRAVE NEWS ABOUT GLACIERS. According to NASA, 1911 was one of the coldest years ever, yet glaciers were disappearing. Climate experts say we can stop glacial melt, because they are criminals paid to lie by the White House.

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Eight Years Since James Hansen Predicted 25 Metres Of Sea Level Rise

27-Aug-2007 Will oceans surge 59 centimetres this century – or 25 metres? The new climate: A controversial study suggests rapid polar meltdown and rising sea levels Richard Peltier When Al Gore predicted that climate change could lead to a 20-foot … Continue reading

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