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More Mind-Blowing Fraud From The Guardian

Every day, The Guardian pushes fraud to spectacular new levels. Today they claim that warming oceans are melting Greenland “fast” OMG… Greenland’s ice sheets are melting fast | Environment | The Guardian  In fact, Greenland’s surface has gained 300 billion … Continue reading

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Bipolar Disorder

Arctic sea ice is recovering, with a large increase in multi-year ice over the past four years. Meanwhile, Antarctic sea ice area is plummeting, and may soon drop below normal for the first time in four years. This graph from … Continue reading

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Arctic Sea Ice Extent Almost Exactly Normal

Climate experts say that the Arctic will be ice free in a few weeks. Arctic sea ice ‘to melt by 2015′ – Telegraph The actual Arctic has almost exactly normal sea ice, with only a few weeks remaining in the … Continue reading

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Incompetence – The New Normal For Climate Scientists

Ten years ago this month, Hurricane Katrina ravaged the Gulf Coast. Scientists immediately blamed global warming, and NBC’s Brian Williams reported on imaginary dead bodies floating in one inch of water. Kerry Emanuel of MIT announced that summer that more frequent … Continue reading

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Massive Fraud And Incompetence By Ken Caldeira Of Stanford University

The level of incompetence and fraud by climate scientists has gone far past the tipping point. Ken Caldeira of Stanford University is claiming that the climate of New York will become hot like Oklahoma. https://www.scribd.com/document_downloads/273880552 Actual data shows the exact … Continue reading

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