Pope Francis Believes That Communism Is The Key To A Healthy Environment

You just can’t make up stupid like progressives.

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Was stored cyanide to blame for Tianjin warehouse explosion in China? | Daily Mail Online

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38 Responses to Pope Francis Believes That Communism Is The Key To A Healthy Environment

  1. jay352 says:

    Collectivist scum. I am guessing he has forgotten the hundred million or more deaths caused by communism in the 20th century.

  2. hskiprob says:

    All the isms, collectively have caused the death of an estimated 262 million people in the 20th century alone. A good reason to lean towards the libertarian perspective of anacho-capitalism. If you want to hit a target, you do not aim in another direction, despite how thoroughly impossible it might seem to hit. Government is the problem despite how brainwashed people are into believing it necessity. Did you ever recognize that it is the statists that keep that erroneous nonsense going.

    • inMAGICn says:

      Not just nonsense, but funding. It’s the old strophe of “well, that program didn’t work. Give us more dough and we’ll get it right next time.”

      And the suckers buy into it.

      • hskiprob says:

        Each generation is programed via public education and the MS Media to believes they can correct the prior generation failings through improving the political system. Only to find out through experience, it is the political system itself which causes the majority of the problems in the first place. The ruling oligarchs have done a fabulous job at programing the American people for at least four (4) or five (5) generation now.

    • Michael 2 says:

      Haiti has anarchy and effectively no government. Somalia has effectively no government.

      Norway, Sweden and Switzerland have plenty of government.

      Where would you rather live?

      The secret sauce isn’t “government”, but “good government”.

      • robotech master says:

        Just to point out that places like haiti and most of all somalia have huge sums of government… which is the problem. Somalia have whole national governments controlling just a single street in some cities.

        As for norway and sweden, norway has been a slow motion train wreck for awhile, sweden is much the same. Both countries live by leeching of the US and exploiting the surrounding countries. Both made it throw WW2 without much damage because they supported hitler then rolled over for the allies. Neither would be in anywhere near as good a shape if they had decided to fight in WW2 or weren’t protected by the US during the cold war. Further they produce very little(sweden) to near zero(norway) tech or other things that really effect the world. They exist merely because of a few lucky choices, combined with a heavy dose of cowardliness and good locations.

        As for switzerland much of the same applies except add in they really have nothing worth taking. They would be invaded and easily overrun if not for all the other countries that are more valuable to plunder from, combined with the fact they are always fighting among themselves so any attacking switzerland would be at a lose if a neighbor decided to attack it.

        The modern day europe exist because the US taxpayer lavishly funds it to exist. No US funding, military and so forth europe would roll over or be in an internal tribal war by now…. just like they have been doing for the last 1k+ years.

        • rah says:

          Norway doesn’t need to “leech” off anyone. They have so many natural resources per capita that it is one of the places where a socialist system can be sustained in the long term.

          But they sure liked it when my team jumped into the deep snow of their drop zone within the arctic circle near Dumbas. As was the custom each of us had a bottle of good American liquor bought from the Exchange at Bad Tolz padded well in our rucksacks for the drop to present to them because the cost of good liquor up there is just crazy. Jumped with snow shoes attached to the left side of the pack tray and lowered with the rucksack before landing. It would have been darn near impossible to get off the Drop Zone without them.

          Eating their rations though, while attending their Army’s winter warfare course up there, did turn me off to herring for a time. But the training was excellent. Only time I was ever in a snow cave that could hold a whole company. Something to see. And one has to see the huge skies they use to be able to float over the very deep powder to believe it. Our issued Alpine touring skies would have been useless.

      • hskiprob says:

        Michael, you are incorrect because you are comparing very wealthy countries whom are not necessarily wealthy because of their political system with two very poor countries that are poor because of their corrupt government and political system. There are two separate and distinct definitions of anarchy. One is “without government”. Many make the erroneous assumption that if government was limited or non-existent then anarchy results and there fore think violence is created when governments are not their to secure the peace. Historically, this is not true. Governments have actually been the single largest killers in the 20th century, estimated at approx. 262 million of the own people, not including another 39 million military combatants. Governments create conflict, as they politically promote the various special interests groups to economically fight one another in an attempt to receive a limited portion of the public treasury. It is interesting how that works isn’t it.

    • Peter says:

      Libertarian-ism supports policies, like abortion, that have killed over 1 billion people in the last 30 years.

      Hardly a “safe” political party.


      • hskiprob says:

        No Peter you are wrong about libertarians on the abortion issue. There are many libertarians that do not support legalized abortion. Pretty much in line with Christians, unitarians and atheists, of which there are many of them in the movement. I always find it interesting that so many socialists/progressives get many of the libertarian positions as wrong as the do and more importantly do not understand the reasons why we embrace the positions we do. You all tell us you don’t agree with the libertarian positions, yet when questioned you do not know the underlying foundation, or the rationale behind the positions. Like many American’s who still align themselves with the two major parties, you come to conclusions without having enough facts. Mainly because you were never taught them and the main stream media tries to make sure you don’t. You either have to spend some quality time with a group of them are start reading the many books available. One of my favorites is a compilation of works edited by the Independence Institute called The Voluntary City. Rather than teach you the philosophy, it goes straight into history and research of periods when government just didn’t do things we now see them doing and how people did it during those periods when a Lasse faire environment was more prevalent. It more about how a libertarian society would work rather then the philosophic foundation and rationale. It will surprise most readers how people did things throughout history when government wasn’t able or didn’t want to do the various things it does today.

    • Emperor Vociferus says:

      Not that I condone fascism, or any ism for that matter. Isms in my opinion are not good. A person should not believe in an ism, he should believe in himself. I quote John Lennon, “I don’t believe in Beatles, I just believe in me.” Good point there. After all, he was the walrus. I could be the walrus. I’d still have to bum rides off people.

  3. V. Uil says:

    The pope comes from a long line of lefty Argentinian priests. Instead of looking around them in Argentina and concluding the socialism there has brought a dysfunctional disaster they look around and say we have not gone far enough. This is the brand of religion Francis has brought to the Vatican.

    Everywhere one looks buffoons are filling the higher echelons of the world. It is the age we live in. Pity Francis didn’t spend a few years in a gulag. Now that would have clarified his thinking. And come to think of it, it is a pity Obama wasn’t his cell mate.

  4. judyryan46 says:

    the question is:Is the Pope willfully ignorant, or is he one of the millions of mindless minions We will seperate the wolves from the sheep, remove their sheeps clothing and send them all to Fabian land to enjoy the collective culling hand of communism Meanwhile, we will continue to be born free.

  5. omanuel says:

    Regretfully popes and politicians all agreed with Stalin’s 1945 proposal:

    “Better Red Than Dead!”

  6. “….When he speaks the world listens,
    On his proclamations they reflect,
    Now being used by politicians
    Makes his church more suspect.
    Serving God or the UN?
    Seems like he’s made his choice,
    Denying the poor cheaper energy,
    I’m sure they’ll rejoice.”


  7. waterside4 says:

    i cannot access Pope article – Help!

  8. cfgjd says:

    What would Jesus the communist hippie say?

  9. willys36 says:

    Don’t forget the Vatican was allied with the Axis powers when WWII started.

    • SxyxS says:

      Don’t forget:the rockefellers sponsored right wing fascist Hitler and seconds after WW2 ended
      they came up with the UN and the left wing fascist(=communist) Agenda 21(disguised as green and nation uniting movement)

      They created on purpose a right national sozialist monster(=hitler)
      to make people believe that left international socialism ist the only answer.

      In fact both is the same totalitarian bullshit(goverment+corporation against the people,full centralised controle of money and media)
      the only difference:national socialism is the lesser evil,as national socialism is at least honest=in your face.Every dumb person will realise the evil structure behind it.
      While international socialism is disguised as good doer system and much harder to
      be exposed.(that’s why the communist fabian society has wolf in sheep clothing as symbol)

      Result:National Socialism killed 15mio+ people in the last century and considered absolut evil
      while communism killed 150+million and is still considered as something good by many many people ,even well educated ones though communism killed 10x more people than the nazis.
      Nothing in history of mankind has killed as many people in such a short time like communism did-neither Dhinghis khan,nor Hitler ,nor islam and the british empire combined.
      The only difference-while Hitler,Dhingis khan etc killed other people communism
      is killing people of its own country=democide.
      The question is:How many more millions or billions must communism kill until people
      realise the real nature of communism.

      And Pope Francis?
      He is a jesuit:jesuits always caused trouble where they appeared.
      And all Jesuits(incl. pope francis) must follow the order of the Black Pope.

      And you can be sure that pope francis is inofficially following 100% the agenda21(officially 90% to stay credible for catholics)

  10. Herve says:

    So much noise about ignited 21-ton explosives? You have a short memory indeed, please search across Internet about 1947 huge 10,000 tons of explosive material (loaded on board a freighter destinated to Europe) which did explode in one Texas harbor? And it was at peace.
    So, both article and comments are motivated ONLY because it is China: Shall a 210-ton explosion occurs in USA, it would be “only an accident, with no relation with America political system”.
    And this, without refering to the 20,000-tons chlorine barge sinking in Mississipi river after having hit a bridge pillar, few years ago: more than 10,000 persons evacuated.

    • Marsh says:

      Herve , you did not comprehend the magnitude of the situation in Tianjin. The 21-ton was just ONE of the many Explosions. If you watched and read more of the info in relation to the situation, you would have found it was a continuous run of explosions. There was “close proximity exposure”, with two main explosions within 30 seconds of each other, ( larger one was 2.9 on the Richter scale ) fires lasted for near two days.

      More than anything ; the storage was illegal ( even by Chinese standards ) as there were residential buildings too close to toxic & explosive substances. Sure accidents happen, but this was a “disaster waiting to happen”! Too many breaches in Safety Standards ( mass Corruption in governance thereof ), this Political issue will head the news out of China for months to come… , it goes beyond an accident, you will find.

      • rah says:

        Yet the death toll was considerably smaller than the Texas City disaster of 1947 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Texas_City_disaster. But look at the difference in time and technology!

        Herve acts like none of that should be considered. Nor should one recognize that communist nations have shown far less concern for the environment or the lives of their citizens than capitalist countries.

        Where did the worst man caused nuclear reactor accident and ONLY recorded melt down of a nuclear core at a power facility happen Herve? The real “China Syndrome” didn’t happen in the US or ANY free nation now did it! It happened in what was and still is considered the most developed and powerful Communist system that ever existed! Despite the fact that free nations had about 10X the number of nuclear power plants in operation that the Soviets did at the time. Why?

        • Marsh says:

          I agree rah , it also opens another key point in that it’s not just the “explosion” but the overall circumstances following;; such as with Chernobyl producing radioactive fallout over a broad geographical area; making it the very worse and it was pure negligence.

          Disasters in most Capitalist Countries are closer to being true Accidents, usually a bad decision by an individual in the preceding minutes to the incident. Communist countries tend to have other Priorities ; all above & beyond the safety & well being of its people; hence the disaster in Tianjin will now go all the way to Beijing…

          I have had some involvement with ANFO and it surprised me to see the US Company with additives to Ammonia Nitrate as: petrolatum, rosin & paraffin wax…if that was deeply compressed into the hull of a ship; today it’s easy to see the risk & causation.

  11. waterside4 says:

    Sorry to be a nuisance, but how can I open the Pope article?
    I only get the China explosion one

  12. Marsh says:

    The Answer : as to what caused the larger explosion; in effect – ANFO , Ammonia Nitrate as Fertilizer was stored in Volume at the port facility, (we know it makes up the base for 80% of Mining explosives used in the United States). Ammonia Nitrate requires some integration and primary explosive to detonate ; it probably had all of that leading up to the bigger explosion.

    • rah says:

      Explosives are nothing more than something that burns very fast. There are “faster” explosives and “slower” explosives. A good example of a very “fast” explosive is PETN used in primer cord or what we commonly called “Det cord” which “burns” at over 7,000 meters per second. It is called Det cord because it is used to set other explosives off. You can use it with a blasting cap on the end where your primary charge or charges are or you can put a special kind of knot in the end of the cord it’s self to act as the actual initiator. Det cord is easiest and simplest way to initiate a series of charges.

      Ammonia Nitrate is what is commonly used for blasting at quarries. It is also what was used for the Oklahoma City bombing. It is a “slow” explosive best suited for blasting rock and concrete. For cutting steel one wants a “faster” explosive like C-4. TNT’s burn speed falls between those two. It takes a good and relatively powerful initiator to make AMFO go as has already been stated. Typically if you want a ton of the stuff to explode efficiently your gonna want about a lb of TNT, or C4 or some other more sensitive explosive initiated by a blasting cap or det cord to make it go.

      Most modern explosives used today require both heat and pressure to make them initiate. Ammonia Nitrate requires a good bit of both. Thus it is generally it is pretty safe explosive material to transport and use. Even military dynamite these days requires both heat and pressure though the original dynamite and some of the civilian types contained nitro glycerin and thus could initiate with only pressure if mishandled in the wrong conditions.

      C-4 “plastic” explosive which is a much “faster” explosive is easier to initiate than Ammonia Nitrate and yet there was a time when troops burned it to heat their C-rations and coffee. In fact the Army came up with heat tabs to stop the practice of burning relatively expensive and toxic explosives for heating rations. But light a little glob of C-4 on fire and then stomp on it and WHAM!

      • Marsh says:

        I believe your Military background gives you an interesting insight to various explosives.
        That situation in China had a mix from what I could determine, there was even Natural Gas plus a broad range of Toxic substances. Obviously something was going strong long before the Ammonia Nitrate took charge ; feel sorry for the firemen,,, they were also misinformed and unprepared.

        • rah says:

          I stated nothing that is not fundamental and available in open sources in more detail than I provided. Yes, I was trained in how to blow things up and I liked it. What red blooded male wouldn’t like blowing things up? But really in the simplest terms the art is getting the job done using the least amount of explosives. For my money making a great breaching charge that allows a team to enter quickly behind the detonation is a greater accomplishment than blowing up a vehicle or even an old WW II wooden Sub Chaser which we did once off cap Cod no matter how much fun those things are to do.

          The information that really needs to be protected is how to make and use the expedient types because the standard production explosives and initiators are reasonably well controlled.

          The scariest thing about working with explosives is when they DON’T WORK. We acted as our own EOD (Explosive Ordinance Disposal). Nothing like the “Hurt Locker” or anything like that. But believe me when I tell you that when you walk down the range to check out something that didn’t blow that was hooked up to a non electric system or even have to go deal with some dud hand grenades, it is a situation that has ones full and undivided attention. If you ever meet an EOD from any service, active or retired, show him some respect or if the situation allows, buy him a drink.

        • Michael 2 says:

          Rah says “The scariest thing about working with explosives is when they DON’T WORK”

          Yep. Similar situation when a pistol goes “click” instead of “bang”. Now you’ve got a serious problem. Keep it pointed downrange and wait about a minute.

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