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President Obama Talks About Himself On Father’s Day

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Greens Hoping To Destroy The English Countryside

Mindless fear of CO2 driven by climate criminals, is motivating greens to destroy the English countryside. These windmills do nothing to improve the climate. All they do is destroy nature, and thousands of years of heritage.

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How NSIDC Defrauds The Public With Cherry Picked Graphs

NSIDC begins their Arctic sea ice graphs in 1978-1979 – which creates the impression that Arctic sea ice is steadily declining. Arctic Sea Ice News and Analysis | Sea ice data updated daily with one-day lag They ignore satellite data … Continue reading

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My Arctic Pub Crawl

My devotion towards understanding the climate took me on a 5,000 mile pub crawl yesterday. It began near Stonehenge at this 500 year old pub, which shall remain unnamed in order to protect the perfect. The Moon, Venus and Jupiter … Continue reading

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