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Hot Days In US In Rapid Decline

The frequency of hot days in the US has plummeted. The frequency of days over 90 degrees and over 100 degrees has plummeted since the 1930’s Climate alarmists lie about this endlessly, in order to push political agendas.

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Arctic Catastrophe For Alarmists Continues

The melt season in Greenland continues to be record slow, after a long winter which has brought half a trillion tons of new ice. Normally about 30% of the island is melting by now, but this year only 5% Greenland Ice Sheet … Continue reading

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97% Of Scientists Find Exactly What They Want To Find

During the hot summer of 1980, climate scientists convinced themselves that it was due to global warming, because that was what they expected to find. Gadsden Times – Google News Archive Search The actual data provided no support for this … Continue reading

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