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Video Of “Illegal Collusion”

A former Republican political operative convicted in the first federal criminal case of illegal coordination between a campaign and a purportedly independent ally was sentenced Friday to two years in prison — a lighter punishment than prosecutors sought but one that … Continue reading

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Eight Weeks Since Huffington Post Announced The End Of Western Water

Eight weeks ago, the Huffington Post announced the demise of water in the western US. 04/02/2015 The West is running on empty.  For nearly 15 years, the Colorado River Basin has been plagued by drought. Stretching from the Rockies to southern … Continue reading

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Leading Arctic Expert Warns Of Methane Catastrophe In A Few Weeks

Dr. Peter Wadhams of Cambridge University warned in the Guardian during summer 2013 that the Arctic will be ice free in a few weeks, and that a “methane catastrophe” will occur. Ice-free Arctic in two years heralds methane catastrophe – scientist … Continue reading

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