Shock News : Dramatic Climate Change Occurred Long Before The SUV Was Invented

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Why didn’t anyone tell Nobel Prize Winner Barack Obama about this?

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5 Responses to Shock News : Dramatic Climate Change Occurred Long Before The SUV Was Invented

  1. Robertv says:

    They know it is all a lie.
    That is why it is so expensive.
    Covering up a lie needs lots of money.

  2. Andy DC says:

    Looking at the chart, it appears we are headed off a cliff toward another Ice Age. We need to burn as much fossil fuel as possible! Tax incentives needed for large SUV’s! The fate of humanity depends on it!

  3. Warning: Note that during past so-called “global ice ages” (which I do not accept as the truth about the far past, but as only empty modern speculation by incompetent academics bent upon defending the undirected evolution of the Earth’s surface), the global temperature was supposedly only about 8°F less than it is now. Here is what I wrote (on back on October 22, 2010, after Gavin Schmidt et al. claimed a new study showed CO2 to be the “control knob” of the temperature:

    “This is the kind of ‘experiment’ you might expect from a fourth-grader. A real scientist (one not taken in by the ‘consensus’) would recognize the result was ludicrous (without 0.03% CO2 in the atmosphere, the Earth must be icebound–oh, really), and see that they were just exercising a wind-up toy model divorced from reality. The article notes, ‘it is estimated that the global mean temperature difference between the extremes of the ice age and interglacial periods is only about 5 C (9 F).’ But in the current ‘interglacial period’, the global mean temperature is about 15 C (59 F). So by their ‘expert’ reckoning, the Earth would be completely icebound with a mean temperature of 50 F. Garbage. They are not fit to be scientists.”

    I assure everyone, based upon my own research into the past, the only meaningful portion of the above graph is within that red circle, spanning the last 10,000 years–during which the global mean surface temperature has been quite stable.

  4. tckev says:

    The lies about AGW/climate change will necessarily skyrocket.

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