Oklahoma Having Their Coldest Spring On Record

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Last year was the warmest spring on record in Oklahoma and the US, and had the lowest tornado count on record.

This spring is the coldest on record in Oklahoma and much of the US, and tornadoes are much worse.

Alarmists are trying to associate global warming and tornadoes, but there isn’t one shred of evidence to support that idea.

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6 Responses to Oklahoma Having Their Coldest Spring On Record

  1. Chewer says:

    There’s nothing like spinach or is it spinnage:

  2. cosmoscon says:

    That won’t stop people like Eli and Michael Mann from getting excited about the OK tornadoes. It seems the AGW cult likes to talk a lot about the difference between climate and weather but then they get excited when a weather event can be used to support their climate models. And as you so aptly pointed out above, there is zero correlation between AGW and tornadoes.


    • I was having an argument with a guy on twitter yesterday who said that yesterday’s tornado was climate, but the seven year 1930s drought was “just weather.”

  3. Dale says:

    Not to nitpick or pick sides at all, but let’s look at that comment again.

    Warmest on record = very few tornadoes
    reverse the weather
    Coldest on record = massive tornadoes

    That SEEMS like something worth exploring doesn’t it?

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