1975 : Tornado Outbreaks Blamed On Global Cooling

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235 Responses to 1975 : Tornado Outbreaks Blamed On Global Cooling

  1. Don B says:

    Dr. Roy Spencer –

    “If there is one weather phenomenon global warming theory does NOT predict more of, it would be severe thunderstorms and tornadoes.

    Tornadic thunderstorms do not require tropical-type warmth. In fact, tornadoes are almost unheard of in the tropics, despite frequent thunderstorm activity.

    Instead, tornadoes require strong wind shear (wind speed and direction changing rapidly with height in the lower atmosphere), the kind which develops when cold and warm air masses “collide”. Of course, other elements must be present, such as an unstable airmass and sufficient low-level humidity, but wind shear is the key. Strong warm advection (warm air riding up and over the cooler air mass, which is also what causes the strong wind shear) in advance of a low pressure area riding along the boundary between the two air masses is where these storms form.

    But contrasting air mass temperatures is the key. Active tornado seasons in the U.S. are almost always due to unusually COOL air persisting over the Midwest and Ohio Valley longer than it normally does as we transition into spring.”


    • Zoe says:

      Wow, that’s way too much science & common sense for the low information global warming worshipers.

    • It is nice to see some actual science and rational thinking to explain weather phenomena.

    • Miles Monroe says:

      Nothing more frightening than the truth x2.

    • Jay ND says:

      Like he said “”NEVER let a tragidy go to waste! “” Kind of like his administration A WASTE!!!

    • theJackal says:

      You are missing the point Don. The Warmist community said that man made Global Warming would increase frequency and severity of said storm events. Since the earth hasn’t warmed a fraction of a degree since 1998 then “Global Warming” isn’t the cause for this event either. The “science” of global warming is being unraveled every second. This story was just to point out the ridiculousness of AGW and the fools that are still attempting to perpetuate the fraud.

      • gorbud says:

        Al Gore should be investigated and prosecuted. He continued his AGW scheme for making loads of money long after the “real” world ex[posed the fraud. His money interests far out weighted any proof of AGW. He made the switch a roo to “Climate Change” very smoothly as if AGW never existed. Slick little nerd boy.

    • D Hoover says:

      The “point”, that is missed here, is the “Wacko Weather Idiots” were just as recently as 1975 predicting the end of the world “New Ice Age” being just around the corner. When that failed to work in their “Wacko World” they found a new agenda to whip up their “Wacked Out Friends. Global Warming….”let’s blame everything on that”.

      Now, all intelligent and informed people know global warming is a hoax trumped up to meet the wacko’s agenda which will also fail them in the next few years when the world finds out the truth about global warming….just the same as the global cooling/ice age thingy.

      Time and Truth go hand in hand….Give a lie enough time and time will prove it to true or not.

      D Hoover

      • TexasMom2012 says:

        And for some reason they always name a ten year window to “save the world”! LOL. I was skeptical of global warming alarmism because I was in school being fed the coming ice age in the seventies.

      • Juan Pescador says:

        Hey TexasMom2012 – George Will wrote a column in the mid-90’s where he reported that global catastrophes (warming, cooling, starvation, epidemics, etc.) are predicted to be about 15 years away. Short enough to make it alarming, but long enough that most people will forget what they said if (when!) it doesn’t happen.

    • whatthedan says:

      Wrong, it’s an incomplete description- only describes how tornadoes form, though it’s generally accurate about that, but it’s the position of the jetstream that moves cold, moist weather down from the Arctic over the Rockies, and into tornado alley that creates the conditions for the supercells that cause Tornadoes. The jetstream is highly reactive to climate change. As the Arctic thaws and releases more methane (10x heat trapping of Co2), it increases water vapor in the air through evaporation, and makes these storms more powerful and energetic as they push cold air from the Arctic to Oklahoma.

      • Strike three. Arctic ice area is normal. In 1975 they blamed deep dips in the jet stream on global cooling. Oklahoma is having their coldest spring on record.

      • Latitude says:

        The jetstream is highly reactive to climate change……


      • An Inquirer says:

        Oh, what a great theory! If only reality would match the theory. At the present time (mid May), Arctic Ice is highest that it has been in ten years. And we really do not know what it was forty years ago. The jet stream reacting to Arctic ice decline would only have a chance of being true if the jet stream is acting differently now because of more open water in the Norweigan Sea for for a few weeks in the middle of winter. Such an assertion would be an incredible reach, and then you would need to prove that the open water is due to increased CO2 — which would be difficult since the open water was also there 70 years ago.
        Methane release increasing water vapor is a theory that is grabbed by the wishful and by the gullible without fact.
        You should remember that we had more powerful tornadoes in the 1950s and apparently in the 1880s. We have increased population and increased development which makes the destruction more massive today.

        • whatthedan says:

          Your point about the norweigan sea is mostly irrelevant. High Arctic warming pushes cold arctic air through the midwest like a bellows.

          Methane release is primarily from frozen tundra, and has been tracked in large growth at high latitude in the arctic by NASA.

          I’m not saying that global warming is responsible for all tornadoes or whatever nonsense, but know that global weather patterns are effected by warming.

        • An Inquirer says:

          Do you read and understand the articles to which you link? The Accuweather article dealt with stratospheric warming driving the arctic waves. Stratospheric warming is the opposite of global warming. The article is unsupportive of the theory you advanced.

          Yes, NASA has measured methane releases. We do not know yet whether it is relevant. Human development increaes methane releases so separating out the contamination of development is critical to reliable measures of methane releases. The link between methane releases and increased water vapor is a theory not verified in reality.

          The Norweigan Sea likely is irrelevant to tornadoes in Oklahoma, but if the decline in Arctic ice does have an impact on jet streams, that is where would it be. Some British meterologist wonder if the wet weather that the UK has been experiencing in the last few years is due to the decline in the Norweigan and Barents Seas.

        • whatthedan says:

          Now I know that there’s psuedoscience being practiced here, as one of the first papers that Dr. Hansen published, after analyzing Venus’s climate, was about a Stratospheric Methane Global Warming Veil forcing a permanent greenhouse effect on the planet of Venus. If you had any clue about warming history or scientific theory, you would have known about this paper already, and that the amount of methane stored in the permafrost, which is thawing and releasing currently, dwarfs all human emissions, but beyond this, both sets are involved in a dangerous feedback process, warming leads to more permafrost thawing, and more methane released.

          A Stratospheric methane global warming veil has already been observed on Earth, and is already effecting weather, even to the point that Very Serious People are considering options to combat it directly.

      • Methane is an extremely minor factor in Earth’s radiative balance. Please stop parroting nonsense.

      • You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.

        • whatthedan says:

          Fine, prove me wrong. All you’ve done so far is attempt to misdirect, while showing a shockingly impovershed understanding of climate science and basic meteorology, for a blog that is supposedly about “real science.” I assumed that you guys would actually have something to bring to the table.

        • whatthedan says:

          Does your RRTM model assume: 1) That after it’s 10 year lifespan, methane converts into Co2? 2) expanded feedback loops? 3) polar stratospheric and tropospheric accumulation forcing vs. tropical forcing? 4) Possible tropical feedbacks from tropic desertification? 5) Methane bubble travelling as observed by the Russians? 6) If not excluding, than underestimating any of the above?

          Using the tropics as the metric for polar warming, is like using the Hoboken bus schedule to figure out when the when the A train gets to JFK. Cheers. thanks for the reply.

      • RRTM is the standard radiative transfer model used by NCAR and elsewhere. It calculates the instantaneous radiate balance of the atmosphere given a profile of temperatures, pressures and composition.


  2. O/T:

    Interesting commentary here from James Annan. I find it interesting because he is or was a co-author of Schmidt, Mann, etc., on many papers.


  3. Ta'Shiqua Ra'Nae O'Malley says:

    Well, climate changes. Duh.
    Worse, we are all going to die.

    There, proof positive that the changing climate will kill millions.

  4. shredder says:

    Go take anthropogenic global warming and shove it in a dark place where the sun does not shine.
    Useless liberal maggots and their machine politicians.
    Let us pray for the families in Oklahoma that have been devastated.

    • Cindy says:

      Sing it brother

    • Dave says:

      Are you kidding? Obummer’s sigh of relief at seeing the disaster today that will take attention off him and his criminal gang for a day or two could be heard in Nogales

      • Sam says:

        0bama was hoping the tornado would be armed with an AR-15. But he’ll take whatever he can get at this point.

      • kydan says:

        it will also allow obama another photo-op. he will dart in there in a few days hug a few victims ,look very sad into the camera and will promise to cut all the red tape and focus like a laser until all the help they need is taken care of then the next day go on another campaign trip and totally forget these people just like the victims from hurrican sandy.

      • harry says:


      • George gunnut says:

        I bet if we had stronger background checks this never would have happened…

  5. KM says:

    I like the part where it says that “evidence in support of these predictions has now begun to accumulate so massively that meteorologists are hard pressed to keep up with it”… They also used the “we only ten years” ploy as well…

    • KM says:

      Oh, also note that anyone that “denied” this SURE thing back in 1975 was labeled an extremist or conspiracy theorist for doubting… Some lefty games never change.

    • harry says:


    • Wentworth Cheswell says:

      I remember when actor Ted Dansen (the voice of doom before Gore) said in the 80’s…..”The sea will be dead in ten years and we’d all starve because of global warming”……hey, Ted, where are you now? Oh, you bought a home on the ocean…no fear of sharks because the sea is dead!

      • John J Galt says:

        Well Ol’ Ted is an Actor, not a scientist and should stick to acting. That said, there are some scientists whose opinion is just about as reliable. You can crunch data into super computers and come of with some answer that “predicts” future events, however systems like global weather are incredibly complex to the point you may not even be entering all necessary data to give a valid conclusion. I also wonder how many scientists discount the role of the sun or water vapor in their models, two factors that contribute greatly to overall climate on earth.

  6. Kid D says:

    Yes, because Newsweek is a reputable peer-reviewed science journal.

  7. Cindy says:

    Yep Man made global warming is a HOAX

    • Judy says:

      Cindy is sadly ignorant. Sad Cindy doesn’t know that every single sci org in the world espouses Climate Change as a reality and mans carbon output is predominate cause. Poor Cindy.

      • Moron alert!

      • TxSon says:

        Judy, it must be nice being so totally brainwashed that one needs not worry about pesky reality.

      • MichMike says:

        And if 30,000 of the largest CO2 emitters who are also proponents of taxing everyone else just for being alive were to curtail their behavior which results in CO2 emissions 10,000 times that of average Americans, we would blow past any and all reduction limits and recommendations. It is a crisis they tell us as many produce as much CO2 in a day and an average American does in one year. Only the simple minded would fall for this scam of the elites. If you do, you are one of the ones they have been waiting for.

      • Judy, Judy, Judy. There is a reason he mantra changed from global warming to climate change. Global warming flat lined in1998. BTW climate change is a change in temperature, weather, etc. Look out thewindow it happens every day !!!!

      • John Bennett says:

        Judy Judy Judy, Yes I copied chuck, just because it was SO VERY GOOD! Your THEORY is: CO2 goes up Temp goes up. Its not working, not occurring. Thus DUH is a failed theory.

      • depressionbaby says:

        Climate Change has been a reality for 6-7 Billion years!

      • Man caused Global Warming is a sham. Cindy is right!

      • Marcus says:

        Judy—–climate change? Of course. Man-made global warming? Nonsense. Not a scintilla of scientific evidence.

      • JRS says:

        No Judy, what’s sad is all the brainwashed (or more likely brain-dead) sheeple like you walking around with absolutely no ability to think for yourself and come up with your own thoughts and ideas. And the scary part is you can vote.

        And to add to Cindy’s comment, man-made global warming is a hoax perpetrated by socialists who aren’t trying SAVE the planet, they’re trying to CONTROL the planet. And their success depends on dolts like Judy.

      • Scotty G. says:

        Except “every single sci org in the world” does not. What an ignorant think to suggest.

      • Mad Judy seems to have missed that day in biology class when we were taught that plant life transpires (that would be “breathe” to you, Judy) oxygen out into the air, while taking up carbon dioxide. Poor Judy.

      • cojo says:

        Judy, You put words in her mouth to support your bankrupt argument.
        She never said “climate change”…YOU did.
        She said global warming….wayyy different.
        The climate is ALWAYS changing.
        It always will change, just as day changes to night.
        You cannot harness climate.

      • You claim Cindy is “ignorant,” then you follow it up with an obvious, easily disproven, outright lie. Dang Judy; I’d rather be ignorant than join you in being Stupid!

        Wait! Calm down! Sit back and have a glass of delicious Kool-Aid before you reply. Don’t forget the “special ingredient” – Rev. Jones says it will take you straight to Heaven. Awwww Yeahhhh!

        (Sing along): I.. Believe…. I..Believe…. I.. Believe…. I..Believe….

      • OK, sign me up Jud Basically you and your buddies aren’t scientific as much as facists. truth by vote. Now, you listen. Study the corruption of the scientific community in The Third Reich in the thirties. An overwhelming number of scientists agreed on Jewish Corruption, Tibetan roots of the master race, the Ultima Thule theory of a hollow Earth. In Stalin’s Russia they had some interesting theories as well.

      • James says:

        you might find in atmospheric science that the planet has had multiple warming cooling sessions. Usually just before an ice age starts the planet heats up. This has been going on for many more years that man has tracked weather. Yes, man has accellerated the process but if you look at natural events like Volcano eruptions you will see that copius amounts of chlorine gets expelled in the amounts of thousands of tons per eruption.
        Did man cause global warming, no, we just made it get up the “J” curve faster. Besides that, how does your claim justify that the planet is cooling at this time?

      • tarfu13@gmail.com says:

        DEERP!!! Poor Judy.

      • tckev says:

        If all the world believes in foolishness except one. Then all the world except one believes in foolishness and this belief is unchanged.
        Popularity of a theory makes it neither right nor wrong, it just makes it popular.

    • harry says:

      they changed global warming to climate change because its cooler now. NOT WARMER….. what a fraud.

  8. You can’t even spell liberalism without L-I-E-S

  9. Dave says:

    The most important line in this article is “…..with serious political implications….”

    Don’t take your eye off the cards with this bunch. Ever.

    • Jonah Kyle says:

      You know damn well the administration are actually breathing a sigh of relief for Obama to act presidential during his scandals, including the double whammy: chastising Congress for lack of funds for disaster relief, while criticizing them for politicizing the current scandals. This is as dramatic as Tropical Storm Sandy, which arguably put Obama over the hump in a then-tight race.

      • harry says:

        thank you bringing back this newsweek story. i’ve been telling people about that newsweek story for years. now i have a copy of it. it was a cover story at the time……. p.s. four died, obama and hilliary lied.

  10. Chewer says:

    The 700 – 200 Mbar tropospheric temperatures are more than a clue, they are reality and those chilled departures are the new normal, for now!

    • LukeJohn says:

      “Mbar temperatures??”

      Really dude? Public education graduate I take it? Pleas try not to reproduce.

      • That is a standard meteorological term for referencing temperature at different altitudes. You shouldn’t aggressively comment on things you know nothing about. It makes you look stupid.

      • Chewer says:

        Would you rather hectopascal?

      • GA says:

        If this comment section were governed by hockey rules, LukeJohn was just served a game misconduct by both Steven Goddard and Chewer.

  11. Who knows what the cause of all these tornados is? I think there was some talk about this a decade ago with “El Nino.” I think the scale of these tornados has to be examined as well.

    • squid2112 says:

      Examined? … we have been examining tornado’s for hundreds of years. What do you think causes them there Sherlock? … oh, wait … Co2 .. yeah, that’s it, that’s the ticket…

      • John J Galt says:

        What cause tornados and causes the Midwest’s “Tornado Alley” to produce some of the strongest and most violent storms on earth has more to do with geography than “climate change” (whatever that is). The Rocky Mountains which run from (more or less) north to south out of Canada towards Mexico allow arctic air masses (usually in the spring) to collide with warm moist tropical air heading north from the Gulf of Mexico. This causes great atmospheric instability and may generate super cell thunderstorms, hail and yes, tornadoes. Since you need cold air to collide with the tropical air this could well explain why you get outbreaks during periods of unusually cold years.

        As far as “Global Warming” and whether it’s a scam or not, all I know is Al Gore got very rich off of Carbon Credits and has a home that uses as much energy as a small neighborhood, but I digress……

    • depressionbaby says:

      The scale of these tornadoes and other storms, if you’re talking about damage and death, is directly related to significant increases in people, houses, businesses, and overall development over the last 25-30 years, particularly in over-development in coastal areas. Take a look around where you live and think about how it’s changed. How old was that school in Oklahoma that was destroyed?

      • John J Galt says:

        That is an excellent point, same with Hurricanes. When Hurricane Andrew hit south Florida, it devastated Homestead, a relatively small city at the tip of the state. Had it come in just 60 miles or so further north it would have gone through heavily populated Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, and/or Boca Raton. As our population grows it only makes sense that with more people comes more risk that someone will be affected by bad weather.

  12. Oblame-me says:

    Mainstream US Propaganda Media News Flash:

    —Democratic lawmakers propose limiting all gusts to 7mph.

    • Phil Sheo says:

      Thanks for the laugh!

      Kinda interesting this article was posted. I made mention of that outbreak and the supposed global cooling at the time yesterday when ridiculing the Dum Senator from RI and his assertions regarding global warming. I hadn’t seen this article before; but it and my comment underscore how ridiculous it is making policy when the facts are based on impure science with an agenda.

      • squid2112 says:

        Come on, come on .. climate change, climate chaaaaange … get it straight!

        Say it after me … cliiiimate … chaaange… .. there we go… 🙂

  13. LukeJohn says:

    There’s a simple solution.

    Just pass a federal law mandating Mother Gaia, Mother Nature, whatever, must first pass a background check and wait for a two week cooling down period before being allowed to have a tornado.

    Of course, we’ll need a whole new subsection of the IRS to administer ther new regulation.

    • Andy Oz says:

      The IRS got caught auditing Mother Nature as they assumed she was a Tea Party member. They have nothing to say about her anymore until the congressional hearings.

  14. KSJeffersonian says:

    Yet only a few months later, Kansas and the southern plains had a drought, and one of the warmest winters on record. We had no precipitation from October 1975 until June 1976. Highs in the Wichita area approached 90 several days in February 1976, and the ground never froze that winter.

    After a relatively normal year and a half, the summer of 1978 had more days over 100 than any other until 2012, and given the development around the airport between 1978 and 2012, there is good reason to believe 2012 did not legitimately beat the 1978 record. The summers of 1979 and 1980 also had higher than average temperatures.

    Some predictions can be made using the 11 year sun spot cycle, with every other cycle being stronger. But even that is limited. The cycles in which heat and drought peaked in the 1930s, 1950s, and latter 1970s were quite pronounced. The following cycle was not so pronounced.

  15. Ralph says:

    Does anyone but me ever notice how the “I got mine socialist so YOU better conserve so
    I can luxuriate crowd” expects all of you lefy college professor Kumbaya socially misfit loser types to drive Toyota Hybrids while they private jet to their vacation home in Vail an Hawaii, while leaving their air conditioners on to keep “mildew and mold away” in their 8,000 square foot homes when they are empty….Useful idiots you are…if you think that Gore, Obama or Pelosi would ever ride a mile in a Prius or a Chevy Volt, Think again….

    • Grant says:

      You write that like you think the GOP doesn’t have the same big houses and polluting cars and private jets. NONE of the politicians lives up to scrutiny, to pick out either party as better or worse is just ignoring the problem. This is [art of the pols “divide and dominate” – we keep carping about the left or the right when they are screwing us from ALL directions.

    • tckev says:

      And don’t forget “What difference at this point does it make?”™HR Clinton and the smirking “I did not have sex with that woman”© W Clinton.

  16. Judy says:

    The scientific community NEVER jumped on global cooling. Notice how the official statements from reputable sci.orgs. never say global cooling, simply taking some quotes out of context.??
    Trying to fool the foolish, or otherwords, LYING.

    • Yes they did. You have no idea what you are talking about

    • Andy Oz says:

      It made Time Magazine. The same magazine that said Obama was Man of the Year. Which one where they lying about Judy?

    • DeeJay says:

      Judy is sadly ignorant. Sad Judy doesn’t know that every single news/liberal org in the world espouses Climate Change as a reality and mans carbon output is predominate cause. Poor Judy.

      • LLoryck says:

        Here’s how it works… Scientific orgs. come up with some half baked theory that sounds alarming. Politicians see the theory as a means to gain more power. Politicians give LOT$ of money to Scientific orgs. to keep the shoddy research coming. Politicians enact taxes to solve the “problem”. The press reports on what the politicians and scientists are saying about the theory and scare the low information types (like Judy) who vote to keep politicians in office. C’mon folks! Follow The Money!

      • squid2112 says:

        Bingo! … and we have a winner!

        Have you ever noticed how the supposed “solutions” are always the same, no matter the crisis? … that should tell you something. The cure-all is always tax, regulation, more gov. power, tax, tax, tax. The solutions are always the same for everything.

      • baja says:

        DeeJay believes a bastardized version of the 1975 article instead of the real article. DeeJay is ignorant and pretends climate change is manufacture of media when any cursory look at EVERY SINGLE Scientific Organization in the world accepts climate change and has official statement on the subject. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Global_cooling

      • Baja, I have little patience for conspiratorial imbeciles.

    • Testicules says:

      Slightly true, “The Coming Ice Age” as opposed to “global cooling” was the specific phrasing of the agit-prop of the day…
      Same BS, same mindless left wing sheep licking it up without question.
      Some things never change…

    • hunter says:

      Did Newsweek fabricate their report?
      Does it bother you that climate crisis promoters have to explain away history with so much regularity?

    • An Inquirer says:

      Judy may have one point. While numerous scientists and the media were advanceing global cooling fears, the various organizations of scientists in the 60s & 70s may not have adopted offiical positions on the issue. Back then, I do not think that they adopted official positions on political issues. It appears that organizations are now controlled by political activitists at headquarters. This change shows the degradation in science — or at least in their organizations.

    • bankroller says:

      Judy, Judy, Judy! Stupid much?

      • Steve says:

        No one with a political agenda lies. Politicians are the most honest. Academics from London never lie. Oh, wait a minute, maybe I am lying.

    • phil highcastle says:

      I enjoyed the 1972 article about Prof. Hubert Lamb, the director of climate research at the University of East Anglia, predicting a new ice age for the remainder of the 20th century. East Anglia is one of leading universities pushing the AGW scam. I can’t help but imagine that the appropriate attire for faculty at U of EA includes a curly orange wig, a red rubber nose and inflatable shoes.

    • Texann says:

      Judy, they were teaching global cooling in school in the seventies just like they preach global warming now and forcing us to read stupid fiction about it as well. I remember a ridiculous story about people melting snow for oxygen. I was in intermediate school during the mid seventies and it was all through the curriculum even down here in Texas.

  17. bluesdoc70 says:

    Yes, but the man who invented the internet says it’s for the bears. and also a little bit for the children but mostly for the bears. So there’s a fifty fifty chance that the “Jimmy Kimmel” electorate could vote in enough of these thieves to pass a carbon tax exchange.

  18. adrianvance says:

    If you understand the thermodynamics of the atmosphere increasingly large tornadoes are consistent with an overall cooling trend. We are 40,000 years overdue for a severe return to an ice age according to the cycles seen in the Vostok ice core studies Google it.

    See The Two Minute Conservative via Google or: http://adrianvance.blogspot.co… When you speak ladies will swoon and liberal gentlemen will weep.

  19. Zoe says:

    Oh, it’s no matter. The Prog/libs have this little problem covered. It’s not “global warming” anymore, it’s “global climate change” so no matter what the earth does…..heat up, cool down, tornadoes, no tornadoes, hurricanes, no hurricanes, rain, no rain…..etc…etc. it’s all the same mega crisis & it’s all because of evil men & their evil progress & evil emissions. It’s all because of our evil cows emitting gasses, so no matter what happens to the weather/climate…..they will punish us for existing.

    • TroyGale says:

      I’m doing my part … eat beef, lots of beef.
      It is a sad thing that we don’t teach our children the way we used to.
      I think every child should know the Chicken Little story, and understand it’s meaning.
      Then there is the Little Red Hen story.
      Our children could do worse than understanding the meanings of these 2 stories.

    • squid2112 says:

      And the Prog/Lib/Commies also don’t realize that without those storms (and their associated tornado’s), that region of our country would be a dust bowl again. It would be nothing but a desert.

  20. Lee Reynolds says:

    Climate scare mongering is simply a way to achieve the goals of Marxism through other means.

    Unable to sell the free peoples of the world on the virtues of oppression and slavery, Marxists began looking for bait-and-switch schemes they could use to hoodwink people into giving them all the power they needed to implement Socialism. Faux environmentalism is one of the schemes that many of them have settled upon. They scream bloody murder about imaginary problems, attempt to blame all of it on free market economics, and then claim that the only solution are policies that empower them. The idea is that once the average person figures out that they’ve been conned, it will be too late to do anything. The Marxists will hold all the power and anyone who tries to do anything about it will be sent off to gulags, just like last time.

    Same old song and dance, just a different excuse.

    Worst of all, these faux environmentalists have driven actual environmentalists from the field and have damaged, if not destroyed, the field of environmentalism itself. There are legitimate environmental concerns that are being ignored because addressing them doesn’t help the faux environmentalists consolidate power. Water quality is one. Erosion is another. These are but two examples.

  21. Ben Dover says:

    Yeah, but who’s the hotchick with the pig tails and the devil dog in the picture?!?

  22. David in Ardmre says:

    The context is not about climate but about control, and it always has been. It’s about using the spector of disaster as an excuse to define who prospers and gains power, and who pays by force; about abandoning faith in tomorrow and replacing it with fear of the unknown.

    You could say the context pushers are feudalists telling the masses that, for a fee, we will all enjoy protection in their castle; when the actual threat is either mythical or in a form totally foreign to the fomentors’ understandings.

    You can take the so-called “climate science” out of the climate change/global warming/climate disruption context, and replace it with “social science”, ’cause that’s what it’s really all about; experimenting with the mass’ intellect while sucking the money, property, will and sovereignty out of their individual lives.

  23. David Dewitt says:

    Im just an average guy, but, if the earth has had many ” ice ages” and the ” polar ice cap” miles thick pushed miles thick sheets of ice down to NYC, it seems to me my car is not changing anything. Try looking at the suns output and how its output of radiation changes over thousand’s of years.
    All this BS is a way to funnel money to Al Gore and his world wide crooks in the guise of saving the world. Total BS.
    Wake up!
    Its a total crock.

  24. George Johnson says:

    They’re simply against “change”. ANY change, and big storms scare them, so they have to blame something. This is no different than the religious leader of a community, blaming a storm or a flood, on “God” or some other religious deity. The only difference is, they see an opportunity to control people and make money. Hmmm…. you know, preachers do the same too.

    “climate” seems to be the lefts religion. Have “faith” in us, and we can control the weather, make these storms stop. Pay your huge “carbon tax” and no more tornadoes!

    Remember how obama the lawless said he was going to lower the sea levels if he was elected? It’s their religion! And their politicians, their “global warming scientists” are their deities and preachers. obama is their “God”, they probably see guys like this one that instantly tweeted about the tornado to slam republicans for not following them, as one of their “angles” or apostles.


    And their “scientists” are their preachers. And apparently, abortion is their sacrifice, one of their rituals, their sacraments.

  25. Mike O'Connor says:

    In the early 1970’s I was taking courses in the meteorology department of San Jose State University, some of them graduate courses. The department quite recently achieved the 15 minutes of fame that it now richly deserves when its chairwoman posed for a photograph in which she was shown burning a book that disparaged the global warming hysteria.

    But in those days the department was run by its founders and it conducted legitimate research. I recall one of the professors— Dr. Peter Lester— telling me of his interest in published research that raised the question of whether or not cosmic rays affected climate. The concept was that cloud formation in the stratosphere was influenced by the ionization of air molecules due to cosmic rays. The additional clouds during years of intense ray bombardment would have a cooling effect (the connection with today’s stevengoddard article).

    I mention this because we now hear of the very same theory. Google “Theory Says Climate Change Depends On Solar Wind/Cosmic Rays” to get the full idea which involves solar cycles and the solar wind, which is also comprised of particles, changing the influx of cosmic rays.

    Global warming alarmists (my polite name for them) may want to depict this “new” concept as an ad hoc and politically-motivated counterpunch to their initiative. I’m writing to help dispel that.

  26. A Man says:

    I remember quite well the 70s fear of imminent ice age. One fact cited from arctic ice cores was that atmospheric CO2 dramatically rises just prior to the onset of an ice age. The ecologists, as environmentalists were called in those days, attempted to politicize on the cooling phenomena. Unfortunately for them, WWII vets of meteorology who held the leadership positions in academia and government refused to allow a political movement to infect the science. After being laughed off by thos with intelligence & balls, the fuming ecologists took a few years to reinvent themselves, create a global warming crisis, coordi aged an elaborate scheme with sympathetic government employees and gullible media and entered the world stage with a bang in late June 1988 centering on Washington, DC. That was when a strong, dry hot spell began that lasted until August. The frenzied media blitz with new atmospheric ‘experts’ explai Ed that the world was going to bake and no fresh water would be found on the planet by the year 2000. I remember that summer well for I was conducting research at the World Weather Building near DC. I was incredulous as how otherwise competent scientists were collaborating with a message they knew was not true. Guess who was the wizard behind the curtain pulling the levers of this insane, very expensive lie? Al Gore.

    • paul vincent zecchino says:

      Excellent! Thank you for this clear historical snapshot of this fraud. The late communist operative, Armand Hammer, was known as ‘Lenin’s Path to the West’.

      Hammer was quite cozy Al Gore’s father, the late and former congressman, who was known as Lenin’s Path to the Senate.

    • Timothy L. Thompson says:

      Sorry to date myself, and add a decidedly low-brow comment to this thoughtful conversation, but Jethro Tull recorded a song called “Skating Away” back in the 1970s, which was all about the impending Ice Age. Funny! Where is the learning curve? We eventually learn from history, right? This nonsense won’t continue forever, right? Right?

  27. Anthony says:

    We also executed people in the 17th century because we thought they were witches. Thanks Obama.

  28. Barry bin Inhalin says:

    Ninnies flourish in every decade.

  29. paul vincent zecchino says:

    Remember the “Coming Ice Age” scare stories very well. Then after a couple warm summers in NYC during the 80s, after several freezing summers, the leftist media changed its story from Ice Age to Global Warming. Then after years of no warming, now they burp their ‘Climate Change’ lies.

    Let them say what they will, free speech is protected. It’s just that citizens see thru these leftist thugs and no longer fall for their Marxist scare tactics.

    It’s worth remembering, always, that karl marx is the father of so-called ‘environmentalism’. He admitted that communism could never produce anything of value, so first before enslaving people the means of production had to be destroyed. Marx said the best and only way to do that was to repeat scary stories that making things of value, anything we produce, somehow harmed the Earth.

    The left is hate. Genocide is its goal. Never ever trust a leftist. Ever. History mocks the left.

    • Carl38 says:

      To say that there is a left or a right is only pitting ourselves against each other. All politicians are hungry greedy bastards living off the backs of other people. Like worms but different

  30. harod says:

    Yea back in those days all the poplution was blocking out the sun and causing another iceage.

  31. Stan says:

    I lived in OK for over 19 years. This happens…known as tornado alley…we knew that when we moved there in the 50’s. It’s today’s instant news that puts it on the map and makes people go OH MY something new is causing it all…there is nothing new under the sun that is going on.
    Pray for the families.

  32. Congratulations, you’ve been linked from the Drudge Report!
    Archive link: http://www.drudgereportarchives.com/data/2013/05/21/20130521_122048.htm

  33. The Man-made Global warming fraud is simply an attempted political money-grab from the richest countries of the world. A transfer of monies to poorer countries through the U.N.

    SOCIALISM is it’s name…..and we want no part of it!

  34. kvn says:

    In the mid 1970s Nat Geo World magazine, aimed at children, published stories about the impending “ice age” to begin no later than 1980.
    When did the outerspace traveler from planet algore predict Florida was going to be under water?
    Weather is here. Wish you were beautiful.

  35. Donny says:

    The TSA should have given the Twister a patdown… it was obviously packing heat.

  36. Bill Jiden says:

    Somewhere I’ve still got a copy of the book: “The Coming Ice Age!” from 1975. If they can’t beg/extort for grant ca$h from cold weather, they will beg/extort grant ca$h for hot weather.

  37. Kramer says:

    Steven, you do know that when you post facts like these that takes the ‘ooomph” out of the warmist’s claims and means for political action, you’re hurting “the cause” to redistribute wealth both within and between nations, you’re hurting “the cause” to manage the world’s resources so that everybody gets their fair share based on decisions by elitists, and you’re hurting “the cause” to bring about a global socialist utopia.

    I hope you’re happy…

  38. Global cooling, global warming, climate change. The big question is how much of it is caused by human activity or how much of it is just the natural order of things?

  39. binthere222 says:

    PLEASE DO NOT FORGET what was going on in the mid 1970s.

    The west was seeking to modernize it’s fleet of nuclear missiles/deterrents and place intermediate range missiles in Europe for the defence of Europe. This eventually contributed to the downfall of the soviet union.

    NUCLEAR WINTER was the response of global communist propaganda, and leftwing “scientists” as well as political front organizations and press fell in line to promote the propaganda, claiming out of thin air that the global ecosystem is prone to cooling and that the west was playing a dangerous game by defending itself in such a fashion and that all peoples should rise up agains such foolishness. SOUND FAMILIAR ?

    This propaganda method is not new. Please recall that in the 1960s when global communism wanted to promote abortion on demand in many countries that were opposed to it, including the USA (They already had it and knew it’s devastating effects), WE ALL had to listen to interminable diatribes about THE POPULATION BOMB and how population explosions were going to destroy the USA and Europe. Again, scientest and literature (see the movie SOYLENT GREEN).

    SO the European style countries got abortion and following 100s of millions of “terminations” worldwide, populations have shrunk to the point that only massive/destructive immigration or job exportation can bridge the gap. Today, global communism gloats as it propagandizes the benefits of immigration which is changing it’s opponent countries.

    Look for more of this kind of trash science and understand where it comes from.

    • phil highcastle says:

      SOYLENT GREEN may have been the first global warming disaster movie. Note the scene where Heston gives Robinson the purloined book. Robinson comments that the global warming problem started in the 1990s.

  40. Alex Molina says:

    I predict lots of unemployment on the Global-Warming scientists community.

  41. gator69 says:

    I lived in Europe, and vacationed in the Alps whenever possible, in the mid seventies. The mountain villagers were concerned about their homes, as glaciers were advancing down the valleys. It wasn’t just the scientists who noticed climate change.

    • Carl38 says:

      Hey gator69, How old is a glacier? And what is the life span of a human being. These are two entities that are separated by different constructs. I think their is some serious social engineering going on and nature is used as a tool to distract us away from the schemes of MANipulation.

      • gator69 says:

        Hey Carl! Nature does what it wants when it wants, and cares not for parties, rhetoric or legislation.

  42. hum0555 says:

    Wow. I thought the Church of Al Gore was no more. There are still idiots out there that believe this crap?

  43. Carl38 says:

    Let’s say that the right hand is global warming and the left hand global cooling. Do the Frankensists use both hands? Or do they wait until the mood strikes them? What happened to the scientific method? What happened to reporting real facts? If one lives in a false reality will they ever recognize what is real again? That’s a wall waiting for all those who live in an elevated reality.

  44. Ed says:

    First global cooling was to blame for natural disasters. Later global warming was the culprit. Now it’s neither global warming nor global cooling but conservative anti-socialist thinking that is the blame.

  45. chukalukabus says:

    Dr. Spencer is actually a real scientist.
    Storms of this size only happen in the when there is an abundance of COLD AIR. They are not possible otherwise.
    If AGW was real anyway, it would in total be a good thing for human beings. Bummer its not.

  46. Sherri says:

    I’ve been watching the correlation beteween chemtrails and weather patterns for quite some time now. There is certain to be heavy cloud cover within 2-3 days following heavy chemtrail activity. After two or three days of beautiful sunshine days the chemtrails start and then comes the clouds and storms. We have been experiencing storms here in the Ohio Valley area like nothing I have ever seen in my lifetime. It reminds me more of storms that I’ve seen in the southeast. We’ve been having tornadoes in our area on average of 1-2 a year. Something that was once almost unheard of. Winters consist of almost constant cloud cover causing a growing concern for depression and health issues in the northeast. Coincidence? I don’t think so. What are your thoughts?

    • Sharon says:

      No coincidence, Sherri. Look up info on Sandy. Chemtrail dumps kept that storm going after it had worn itself out. The gov’t is controlling weather, and it’s just gonna get worse. The goal is to have the skies a milky-white every day. We have to control global cooling/warming/climate change. It’s the only way……..I watch the stupid chemtrails EVERYDAY, and I can taste them.

  47. Gringo says:

    Hey retards, make up your mind…..Is it “Cooling” or “Warming”?

  48. Mantis says:

    I don’t understand how referencing an article that’s nearly 40 years old has any relevance to modern climate science.

    Technology and our understanding of what we’re doing to our planet has come a long way since 1975.

  49. Lou says:

    Global Something is very something and we must do something about it before something happens.

    • Glacierman says:

      I know. Let’s pass a law that no tornados are allowed in schools. We we call them Tornado Free Zones so no more tornados will strike schools. That will fix everything, and make us all feel so much better.

      Signed: Your average dumbass Democrat

      • Glacierman says:

        I apologize ahead of time for being redundant.

        Signed: Your average Democrat

      • Tornado capacity must be limited to no larger than F2, and comprehensive background checks must be made on all approaching cold fronts before they can pass through.

      • kbray in california says:

        Please add an earthquake rider to that bill:
        “No earthquakes larger than 3.0”

        I’m sure a “quake tax” similar to “carbon credits” will keep
        the earth under control.

        Thank you.

      • Zipper says:

        But wait, outlawing Tornado’s in schools is not enough. In order to properly make this happen, massive new funding is needed for beaurocratic control and research to limit and ban Tornado’s from schools, and neighborhoods near schools as well. These funds must come from higher taxes, fee’s, fine’s, and pennalties… primarily from middle-class taxpayers. These funds could also be made useful for other social bahavior adjustments that deeply affect our planet, as our government bolsheviks deem necassary.

  50. Warrior4God says:

    Science is such nonsense. All of these storms are clearly a sign of the imminent Return of Christ.

    These liberal commie treehuggers better get on their knees and beg for his forgiveness!

  51. Co2, claims the global warming religion crowd, causes the earth to warm–when, according to some scientists will increase as a result of the climate getting warmer, not the other way around. It all boils down to a good tool for the libs to use for more taxing.

  52. JRS says:

    1. Is global warming happening? It could be, but most evidence suggests it hasn’t since 1998. It has warmed (and cooled) in the past as we know the planet has been much warmer than it is now and it’s also been much cooler. Global temperatures have been fluctuating since the beginning of time.

    2. Are the activities of man responsible for global warming (or cooling)? Don’t be absurd! As stated in #1, global temperatures have been fluctuating since before man walked the planet. And at times have fluctuated to extremes far above and below where we are today.

    3. Is global warming bad? We tend to concede the point that warming is bad. But global warming is not bad. Sure, we’ve been peppered with predictions of catastrophes that will happen if the earth warms. The fact is, there is no proof that any of it will happen. There’s no evidence that any of it did happen at times in the past when the planet was warmer. Global warming alarmists blame every bad weather event on global warming, as though none of these things happened prior to man “polluting” the planet. The fact is, warming is probably good for the planet. For one thing, we can extend growing seasons and produce more food. In the past, periods of colder global temperatures have coincided with periods of famine and disease, while warmer periods have coincided with times of growth and prosperity.

  53. warren o'riordan says:

    Hi everybody, emailing from australia. When i was a kid in the sixties, the big prediction was that by the year 2000, the u,k, would be a frozen mass of nothing, unless something was done to reverse the cooling trend. Well, the pommies are still there, in all their glory, enjoying beautiful spring weather. This climate change/ global what ever it is this month, is a load of b…s…t.

  54. ivillageidiot says:

    At one time, I could NEVER understand why my Grandmother kept all these little clippings from the paper. It seemed so…. crazy…

    NOW…. I KNOW WHY!!!!!
    Not so “crazy” after all…….

  55. Chris says:

    Young liberals have an absolute need to believe they are changing the world. And when they are placed in positions of power and influence in the government or the media, they satisfy that need by advocating for whatever cause seems most accepted by their peers. God forbid they act as individuals. It would break their hearts to think that the girl in the next cubicle just didn’t like them because he or she took an independent, thoughtful look at the “global warming” theories (because they are only theories) and discovered there really is no evidence to support the raised anxiety levels in the U.S. over this issue. The balloon must break before they can move on to a more mature level of understanding in the world.

  56. DownInMiami says:

    This guy had it right years ago!

  57. Jack Boot says:

    You say “cooling,” I say “warming,” you say potato, I say po-tah-toe, Let’s work the whole thing out.

  58. Rick says:

    Global warming received the greatest boost in history when most of the weather reporting stations moved out to your local airports, no interference from the changing surroundings!

  59. Jae Brown says:

    Fortunately, in the 21st Century we have discovered that tax policy (and by that I mean more of it) can fix climate. So, does it really matter whether it is hotter or colder?

  60. nastee24 says:

    We think we are in control of things like the environment because if we are not in control it scares us. Therefore we say that we caused Global Warming and that maybe if we all give up our cars and live in the dark, we might be able to reverse it. When in reality we are no more than a pimple on this earth. The earth does what the earth does and we obediently follow. When we are in the midst of a severe storm or hurricane or tornado we are no different than our caveman ancestors. We run and hide. We run and hide.

  61. mike says:

    Why global warming’s a scam. Because if it was such a great threat industry wouldn’t of moved from country’s with a infrastructure already built up with the highest technology and the strictest air quality standards and waste disposal and move to country’s with little to no infrastructure, low to no technology and absolutely no air quality or waste disposal standards. Exploiting slave labor is far more important than global warming. What, the air over China’s different than the air over the USA? I thought this thing was global.

  62. Laurence Clark Crossen says:

    There is a great new book out on the harmful effects of cold climate on human civilization:
    Global crisis war, climate change and catastrophe in the seventeenth century
    Geoffrey Parker
    Yale U.P. 2013

  63. Steve says:

    30 years and we have gone from planning and preparing for an ice age to now preparing for global melting point. In the 60″s we were also told the earth’s water supply was drying up and floods were going to go away because of lack of water. Then in the 50’s we had Duck and Cover nuclear planning and living near deaths door. People were told by the Government to build bomb shelters. All of these were pushed by liberal’s–I never recall a conservative telling us Ice Age and Global Warming was a fact that was proven…but could be subject to change. Make up your minds for crying out loud.

  64. Robb M. says:

    I think that global cooling never got the political traction that “global warming” has because no one could find a way to blame man for causing it.

  65. C. Little says:

    Reverend Chicken Little of the Church of Climate Change Saints says…..My religion of Global Climate Change is the answer to all. It is all the fault of humans and we must change or a great flood is a comin’!

  66. S.E.Bailey says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how much effort is spent stating its decided, there’s a consensus, the end is nigh… instead of revisiting the models which are now being proven to have been grossly flawed, a fact that many of the very same “scientists” have conceded. It has become a case Climate Eugenics… as absurd a notion that may be.. that only those Scientists who are “pure” in there belief in Man Made Global warming.

  67. meh says:

    What is responsible for almost all of the greenhouse effect ? Water vapor …. humidity …. steam.
    Why no talk about water’s influence ? Because the science doesn’t fit the agenda.

  68. Deborah Oliphant says:

    Yes, climate change is a reality of 6-7 billion years. Right. So how has mankind been affecting climate change for 6-7 billion years? Ever heard of Maunder Minimum? Little Ice Age? Solar minimum? Few or no sunspots? Medieval Warming? Roman Empire enjoyed the longest warm period in modern geological history, from 500BC to 400AD? How about the fact that CO2 is so good for growing seasons, and plant life in general? That the herbivores eat the flora, and the carnivores eat the herbivores, and the omnivores each flora and herbivores? Hmmm. Base of food chain is plant life in seas and on land. Only a brainwashed person, without any critical thinking ability would espouse AGW – unless of course they stood to make beaucoup bucks from AGW. So, tell me – “Judy, Judy Judy” et alia – are you that stupid, or who’s paying you? It’s just between us: I won’t tell anyone, so fess up: Who’s paying you?

  69. herkimer says:

    I think Dr Roy Spencer said it best when he said “But contrasting air mass temperatures is the key. Active tornado seasons in the U.S. are almost always due to unusually COOL air persisting over the Midwest and Ohio Valley longer than it normally does as we transition into spring.”

    I also agree that if global cooling becomes more evident over the next few decades, we will see more tornadoes as there is higher probability of more cooler air clashing with the constant moist warm airoming from the gulf. Global cooling not global warming causes more and bigger tornadoes . These politicians get it wrong every time.

  70. Ryan says:

    The tornado was caused by all those thousands of electric-windmills disrupting the normal wind patterns and creating vortices.

  71. phil highcastle says:

    The actual cause of the climate crisis is not CO2 or CH4, but TLBF. For more than 30 years, immense quantities of ATLBF, a highly volatile form of TLBF, have been introduced into the atmosphere as part of a process of terrorforming, creating a climate of fear and hysteria. Current production of ATLBF exceeds 40 Megaburps per cubic algore.
    The odor of ATLBF (anthropogenic testoserone laden bovine feces) is obvious to individuals whose nares are not obstructed by hemorrhoids.

    • Steve says:

      This is the first explanation that I understand and can relate to. Simply, scientific, rational, obviously based upon fact, well researched and can withstand peer review. And this is no BS.

  72. JET99999 says:

    Everything bad is caused by global warming,. Al Gore told me this

  73. greenonsense says:

    Newsweek. It figures.

  74. bart midwood says:

    Margaret Thatcher is often cited as the Mother of the Global Warming Scare, which includes the assertion that humanity is producing too much carbon dioxide. She was attempting (so the story goes) with this scare to crush a powerful coal miners’ union and an imminent strike.

  75. itain'teasybeinggreen says:

    Newsflash- Startling new scientific evidence suggests that the worldwide blogging phenomena is major cause of the increasing hot air. Hey, wasn’t it Al Gore who invented the internet?

  76. NYGiantsFan says:

    Funny thing about all of this is the left was so intent on preventing global cooling, through sheer stupidity, the unintended consequence was the earth heated up. Which brings up the million dollar question; if the earth heats up too much, what is the plan of the scientists to cool it?

    • Steve says:

      The liberals want to explore the heat source-the sun. To keep from having the sun burn them up on entry to the suns surface they are planning on landing at night. So the story goes.

  77. Reblogged this on gottadobetterthanthis and commented:
    The Newsweek article Steven Goddard reposts is less than 40 years ago. Most of us should remember. Yes, the same evidence being presented to support claims of global warming was then being given to support fears of the big chill. Historically, warmer is better. That is, we used to refer to the Roman warm period, and the Medieval warm period, where food was plentiful and civilization advanced. People seem to avoid those terms now. But global cool periods were marked by plague and famine. Fear of global cooling is rational. Fear of global warming is not. There are far more signs of cooling in nature today than warming.

  78. Irwin says:

    Man made global warming is real. It is caused be all the hot air coming out of Al Gore and BO and their cronies. Several layers of duct tape should stop it.

  79. maniacal_engineer says:

    You guys have this thing all wrong. Temperature hasn’t changed for years now – what we are facing is the very real threat of (gasp) CLIMATE STASIS!!!!!! without variations in climate evolution will wind down and all life on the planet will stagnate and die. We need to fight this evil, liberate the fossil carbon, and restore the primeval atmosphere, under which life flourished so abundantly

    • tckev says:

      Putting pitiful amount of CO2 into the atmosphere will not do it we need something bigger.

  80. Keith says:

    Global cooling, global warming, those two didn’t work and the climate has to be doing something so we can make money, lets just call it climate change…liberals…what a bunch of idiots

  81. baja says:

    This is how the deniers lie: they pull out a 1975 Newsweek story and overlay with quotes thirty years later, and trick a lazy brain. They took things out of context to create total lie. Everyone who knows anything about climate knows the cooling theory was NEVER adopted by scientific community, and was simply an idea explored that was almost entirely dismissed. LIARS and liars and fools that believe them because they want to believe them

  82. normabrown says:

    There was one climate expert who did a study that showed that rising carbon dioxide levels over the millennia have always preceded an ice age. He had charts showing the ratios and climate changes. So both of you are right. We are heading into a cooling period. And just when the Russian Riviera was in planning!

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