Climate Science : A Data-Free Science

Essentially all global warming forecasts have failed, so climate science has taken a new tack. Data is either ignored, altered or abused in order to keep the theory prophecy alive.

This makes climate science unique, in that raw data is forbidden, and only the output of junk software is permissible as evidence.

One of the corollaries of climate science is that if one person lies about something (like John Cook’s 97%) than it is fair game for everyone (including the President of the US) to repeat the lie with impunity.

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2 Responses to Climate Science : A Data-Free Science

  1. gator69 says:

    Give Skeeter a break, he was running out of whoppers, even the teleprompter was getting screen burn-in.

  2. Mike says:

    The Green Light Epiphany was due.

    Obama is thinking about his post presidency bank account, discovering gaia now assures direct ascendency into any number of greenfleecing roles that present unlimited wealth opportunities. Al Gore 2.

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