California Scientists Couldn’t Believe That The Continents Move

“If we are to believe in Wegener’s hypothesis we must forget everything which has been learned in the past 70 years and start all over again.

Geologist R. Thomas Chamberlain

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Greensburg Daily Tribune – Google News Archive Search

California is a place where you can actually watch the continents move, but despite the abundant and overwhelming evidence for continental drift, the consensus of experts could not accept it.

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“Utter, damned rot!” said the president of the prestigious American Philosophical Society.

Anyone who “valued his reputation for scientific sanity” would never dare support such a theory, said a British geologist.

further discussion of it merely incumbers the literature and befogs the mind of fellow students.”    Geologist Barry Willis

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  1. philjourdan says:

    Science “consensus” is the antithesis of science.

  2. blade says:

    Thanks for this post and the links.

    The parallel to the AGW knuckleheads is true. This kind of thing happened at least three separate times last century by sure-of-themselves scientists and their unholy clique not being skeptical, but angry at truly important pioneers … Milankovitch, Wegener, and Alvarez(s).

    You can add Piltdown as well.

    • I studied Geology in the 1970s under Dr. Robert Deitz, the father of modern plate tectonics. At the time, he was still getting grief from the consensus.

  3. The bottom line is, truth is where you find it, not where everyone else is looking for it. Reality is what it is, not what you would like it to be. And the truth is, the older generations of geologists–geophysicists especially–had good reason to reject continental drift: They could see no physically acceptable cause for it. And it turns out Wegener only started a revolution whose real depth and breadth only my work now encompasses. (That is why I started a blog in 2009, as one more experiment in getting recognition of a new-yet-ancient paradigm, a new frame, particularly for the earth and life sciences.) See

    The True Origin of Continental Drift

    The Earth’s surface was, in fact, deliberately reformed, to a great design:

    Challenge to Earth Scientists

    The whole solar system was reformed, and reoriented (and witnessed by men on Earth, and incorporated in what are dismissed today as the earliest myths, of men worldwide):

    Challenge to Science III: The “gods”, the Design, and Man

    And there has even been independent confirmation of the Earth design (follow the “Independent Confirmation” link here).

    Why is there still continental movement? I don’t know (yet–and I see no reason to hurry to explain that). I only know the reason the continents moved in the past, to their present positions and orientations (and shapes): They were deliberately moved, to a great design, the mere shattered remembrance of which has guided, even dictated, the intellectual voyage of mankind on Earth ever since.

    The words, “be not quick to judge”, come to mind here, and so I pass them along to you as well.

    • I noticed that the continents fit together like a jigsaw puzzle the first time I looked at a map. The evidence for continental drift was both overwhelming and ubiquitous. Darwin found sea shells at the top of the Andes.

      Most scientists are sheeple.

  4. gator69 says:

    Two words.

    Luminiferous. Aether.

    “Aethers were invented for the planets to swim in, to constitute electric atmospheres and magnetic effluvia, to convey sensations from one part of our bodies to another, and so on, until all space had been filled three or four times over with aethers…. The only aether which has survived is that which was invented by Huygens to explain the propagation of light.”
    -Encyclopædia Britannica Ninth Edition

  5. tomwys says:

    Of course, you will get claims that the split fence was built that way on purpose, and that the sidewalk was set likewise just to “prove” plate tectonics and confound the 97% of scientists who know better.

    [Yes, the same ones who are claimed to see CO2 as the major problem in climate]
    [Replace the “s” in the third word with “L”]

  6. TheJollyGreenMan says:

    Good, so I see you studied Geology in your youth. So did I, in the late 1960s, and we were told that Wegeners continental drift theory is still just a wild claim. End of discussion.

    Did you see how Prof Lowell, him of channels on Mars fame, describe the formation of mountains and oceans using a shrivelled apple? A lovely picture of the shrivelled apple can be found in his book: Mars as the Abode of Life – 1908, Macmillian Company, page 15, contraction.

    The Life on Mars was also headline of a New York paper in 1908/9. I cannot find a copy on-line any-more. Seeing how the claims of Prof Lowell made headline news with his channels on Mars finding, made me realise that he prepared the ground for Orson Wells and his attack from Mars broadcast of the 1930s.

    • philjourdan says:

      Wild claim? Seems strange when they can pair rocks in Scotland with those in NY and declare them to be geologically identical.

      KInd of like identical twins having 2 distinct mothers.

  7. Herve D says:

    Please don’t shoot at 1950 scientists / geologists: Before the 1960’s, all hypothesis – pro and con – were all “in the air” as none had a physical proof. Only when ocean floor magnetic mapping has been performed did the ocean expansion became reality, hence justifying Wegener global continental drift. By then, 1950’s scientists were not fool but still factual.
    We miss them when considering present monkey scientists.

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