GOP Was Desperate To Stop Reagan – Carter To Crush Reagan In The General Election

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10 Mar 1980, Page 5 – at

Sound familiar?

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16 Responses to GOP Was Desperate To Stop Reagan – Carter To Crush Reagan In The General Election

  1. Exactly, and now they’re desperate to stop Cruz, even if it means working with the Democrats!

  2. Andy DC says:

    Gerald Ford was a good man and a President that made you feel proud.

    • He was a good guy. And a much better athlete than Chevy Chase.

    • SMS says:

      Few remember that Gerald Ford vetoed over 50 spending bills during his short time in office. He was not a populist, he had the courage to make the right decisions for America.

      It is unfortunate that the media fails to remember how courageous his decisions were while in office. In time, history will look on him him favorably for the way he carried out his duties as president.

      History will not look favorably on Carter or Obama. Given time, they will lanquish will the likes of Buchanan and FDR.

    • Dave G says:

      Why did he lose to Carter in 1976 then?

      • Jason Calley says:

        Hey Dave! Just my opinion here…
        First, a LOT of people were upset that Ford pardoned Nixon.
        Second, Saturday Night Live had done a very effective job of portraying Ford as a bumbling idiot.

      • DougM says:

        Not only did SNL do a very effective smear job on Ford, but a lot of voters never forgave him for pardoning Nixon.

  3. Ford wasn’t elected, helped the Warren Commission fake evidence, pardoned Dick Nixon the slaver and murderer… a regular Generation Of Peace G.O.P. nationalsocialist. At least Reagan knocked out the Soviets. Reagan was the last Republican vote I ever cast.

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