Comparing The World’s Worst Hurricane To Hurricane Andrew

Hurricane Andrew was an actual category 5 hurricane, and flattened everything in its path.


Hurricane Patrica is described by experts as the most powerful hurricane in history. This is what Patricia did the Puerto Vallarta

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At ground zero, some flimsy roofs were damaged and branches broken.



Predictably, experts are still hyping Patricia as a record breaking storm ahead of Paris. It was record breaking.

  1. Most hyper-inflated storm in history. A great fundraising opportunity for scientists.
  2. Least damaging landfalling hurricane in history?

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11 Responses to Comparing The World’s Worst Hurricane To Hurricane Andrew

  1. Stewart Pid says:

    Too funny but I was just talking to a guy that believed the media hype and was taken in totally. What a load of crap.

  2. wunhunglo2 says:

    Those in Mississippi who lived through the 25+ foot storm surge of Camille in 69 would be glad to have swapped for Patricia.

  3. Disillusioned says:

    I am unofficially adding “Gullible as a global warmist” to these…

    Gullible as a guppy
    Gullible as one who gets his news from the tabloids
    Gullible as one who gets his religion from television
    Gullible as one who buys from infomercials
    Gullible as a con man in love.

  4. Reblogged this on Quixotes Last Stand and commented:
    Hmmm. Worst most extreme hurricane in RECORDED history, huh??? What a load of crap.

  5. catweazle666 says:

    I find it astonishing that there are people out there who were really praying for the worst possible result.

    They actually WANTED a body count running into thousands, purely so they could smugly announce “we told you so”!

    Such people are flat out evil.

  6. Small, tight, storm which came ashore 110 miles south of Puerto Vallarta in a lightly populated area of the Jalisco coast.

  7. emsnews says:

    No one home here anymore.

  8. Andy DC says:

    Camille in 1969 and the Florida Keys Hurricane of 1935 were even signficantly stronger than Andrew. The 1935 hurrricane blew trains completely off the tracks. If you ever see the movie “Key Largo” with Humphrey Bogart from back in the 1940’s, there is a account of the 1935 hurricane that was so frightening, that it brought hardened gangsters to tears.

    Not exactly comparable to Patricia that caused minor damage to a few twings and a few pathetic “homes”.

  9. Ted says:

    The tough building codes, strictly enforced by the Mexican government, saved countless thousands of lives. If the republicans hadn’t stood in the way of similar building codes in Miami, Andrew would have passed through just as quietly. The Mexican government even requires their trees to be stronger than American trees. That’s why they’re all still standing. It’s just another perfect example of how an effective government can solve all the problems of it’s subjects. It’s also further proof that we need to open our borders, and let all of Mexico move here. They can build cardboard shacks that will hold up to 200 MPH winds. Cardboard is far more environmentally friendly than concrete and steel, and with proper Mexican construction techniques, it can be made far sturdier. Americans just need to step aside, and let the rest of the world show us the right way to do things.

    -Hilary Clinton

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