US Government Messing With Texas

Afternoons in Texas used to be much hotter prior to 1960. You can see why fraudsters like Katharine Hayhoe and Heidi Cullen start their graphs at the 1970s.

ScreenHunter_3347 Sep. 30 08.51

This didn’t fit the government agenda, so NCDC simply changed the data to show warming


This was accomplished through a spectacular hockey stick of data tampering which would make Enron accountants blush.

ScreenHunter_3342 Sep. 30 08.45

Criminals working for the White House predict a huge increase in the number of 100 degree days in Texas.

ScreenHunter_3350 Sep. 30 09.12

Great Plains | National Climate Assessment

In reality, the frequency of 100 degree days in Texas has nearly dropped in half over the past century.

ScreenHunter_3349 Sep. 30 09.08

This massive climate fraud being perpetrated by the US government is straight out of Orwell.

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10 Responses to US Government Messing With Texas

    • Gail Combs says:

      This may be part of it. A McLaughlin & Associates poll indicated that 67 percent of workers were unaware of their right to withhold mandatory dues for politics. (Seems to be a poll in 2004 before everyone and his brother had e-mail and computers) link

      …In 1992, the Teamsters reportedly gave a massive amount of political money to the presidential candidate it knew its membership did not support. According to author Duke Zeller, “As for the actual amount of Teamster money poured into the Clinton-Gore campaign, Gene Giacumbo, a former elected member of [former Teamsters president Ron] Carey’s board, believes the total figure to be even higher. ‘Carey himself bragged to me that the union gave $56 million to Clinton,’ he confirmed, ‘and this was after an independent, outside poll the union paid for showed the membership responses preferred Perot, then Bush, with Clinton in third place.’”….

      Looks like it is now Don’t Mess with Teamsters RAH RAH RAH!

      If you know union workers hand them this: is a project designed to help educate, organize and assist union members nationwide in exercising their “Beck rights” as set forth by the U.S. Supreme Court.

      In 1988, the U. S. Supreme Court decided the landmark case Communication Workers v. Beck, which established the rights of employees working under union contracts to pay only those union dues or fees necessary for performance of a union’s employee representation duties. Under Beck, fees to support union expenditures unrelated to workplace representation, such as political, social, or charitable contributions, are not mandatory.

      • rah says:

        The very reason I give to Right to Work.

        • Gail Combs says:

          The RAH RAH RAH was for you.

          Teamster. (n) a person who drives a team or a truck for hauling, especially as an occupation.

          And I also support Right to Work.

        • rah says:

          I was sent back up to the Detroit area again yesterday. Driver assigned had to take his son to the ER and called off at the last minute. Call woke me at 04:10 Thursday morning and by 05:30 I was heading out of the terminal bound for the North side of Detroit. The final stop of three was at Troy, MI. Managed to get out before afternoon Rush hour began. If I hadn’t I wouldn’t be sitting here writing this because I would have had to take a 10 hour break on the road before coming on home.

          I pass Teamsters driven trucks every day. All of Chryslers drivers are Teamsters as are YRC (Which is the joined companies that used to be Yellow Freight and Roadway Freight.) Some FedEX drivers are but most aren’t since they vote one terminal at a time on the matter and the vast majority have told the Teamsters NO!
          The Company I work for has no union and I like it that way.

    • darrylb says:

      Happened immediately after her decision that she would Veto the Keystone Pipeline.

      A decision which shows the depth of politicking on an issue which has absolutely no relevance to the real issue. If it was CO2 the greensters were worried about, they would never Veto the pipeline. because more would be emitted when and while it is sent to China and elsewhere.
      Nothing like a punch in the gut to our good neighbors to the north.

      For the greens, it really has become their religion. They bow to mother earth, (unfortunately, it seems the Pope is doing the same) We have to pay for our Climate sins by buying indulgences, make that carbon credits, which only the High Priests like the Gorical can receive money.
      For our sins, they will also collect more money and give it to poor countries because our sins have hurt them so much.
      They want to return the Earth to a time when there was an Eden and the weather was perfect, a time when CO2 was at 280 ppm. Of course, we do not dare confuse them with historical facts about how life was so bad then and extreme weather events were the same or worse, or we might go to prison under U.S. Laws. Remember, the FOI law and the US Constitutional law applies only for the benefit of the chosen.
      Only the chosen few will escape the wrath of Gaia. Those few chosen by the likes of the Current U.S. science czar, a member of the line of priests called the eugenicists. A chosen method of extinction would for all of us to drink the holy
      (sterilization causing) water. That sect has their own addition to the green bible written by Paul Erlich and his wife along with are current science czar.
      This religion, also use ad hominen attacks against those who simply want to state the truth. To do so that have aligned themselves with a larger group sometimes referred to as the peecees. which is short for politically correct.
      There are three avenues of ad hominen attacks. Racism, sexism, homophobia ism.
      Of course, the greens have a hard time finding a method of attack in any of these three areas, so they simply try to put us all in jail under a US law, a process endorsed by a leftist senator.
      So Steve/Tony who is knocking at your door?

  1. Steve says:

    The NCDC chart is the opposite of what I would assume which is that the Texas yokels of the early 1900’s didn’t know how to take consistently accurate temperatures and then properly record the data. Yet, apparently, its the present day record keepers who, armed with more accurate measurement devices, computers, and consumed by the overwhelming fear of climate armageddon that keep screwing up the data and so the need to “fix” it again and again and again. Somehow that just doesn’t seem right to me.

    • Gail Combs says:

      “I would assume which is that the Texas yokels of the early 1900’s didn’t know how to take consistently accurate temperatures and then properly record the data.”

      Actually that is another piece of Dis-information. They were quite good and accurate a hundred years ago.

      1892 Instructions for volunteers:

      Meteorology: A Text-book on the Weather, the Causes of Its Changes, and Weather Forecasting By Willis Isbister Milham 1918 mentions the Six thermometer and says the accuracy was not good so the US weather service used the two thermometers mentioned above.

      He also states there are 180 to 200 ‘regular weather stations’ operated by professionals ordinarily in the larger cities, and 3600 to 4000 coop stations and 300 to 500 special stations.

      Meteorology: A Text-book on the Weather, the Causes of Its Changes, and Weather Forecasting By Willis Isbister Milham (1918)

      The observations of temperature taken at a regular station are the real air temperature at 8am and 8pm, the highest and lowest temperatures of the preceding 12 hours, and a continuous thermograph record…. [Richard Freres thermograph] ….these instruments are located in a thermometer shelter which is ordinarily placed 6 to 10 feet above the roof of some high building in the city. At a Cooperative station the highest and lowest temperatures during a day are determined, and also the reading of the maximum thermometer just after it has been set. The purpose of taking this observation is to make sure that the maximum thermometer has been set and also to give the real air temperature at the time of observation.

      Continue reading page 77 on.

      If a good continuous thermograph record for at least twenty years is available, the normal hourly temperatures for the various days of the year can be computed….

      “the average temperature for a day is found by averaging the 24 values of hourly temperature observed during that day”

      If the normals are based on twenty years of observations, it will be found that there is not an even transition from day to day, but jumps of even two or three degrees occur….

      I thought it quite interesting that Willis Isbister Milham was talking about 20 years of hourly data in 1918.

      On page 68 he says a thermometer in a Stevenson screen is correct to within a half degree. It is most in error on still days, hot or cold. “In both cases the indications of the sheltered thermometers are too conservative.”

      on Page 70
      “The Ventilated thermometer which is the best instrument for determining the real air temperature, was invented by Assman at Berlin in 1887…will determine the real air temperature correctly to a tenth of a degree.”

      A paper in The American Meteorological Journal, Volume 8 from 1891 also mentions the Richard Freres thermograph

      An Account of the “Leste,” or hot wind of Madeira
      by H. Coupland Taylor, M. D. F. R. Met. Soc.

      Being an invalid, I must beg for the indulgence of the Society for the irregular times of obervation and the other defects the Fellows may discover in the following paper.

      I must first state that my insturments are placed in a regulation Stevenson screen…. The maximum and minimum thermometers are by Casella, and duly tested at Kew….I also have had in use for some months a self-registering hair hygrometer by MM. Richard Freres of Paris, and likewise a thermograph by the same makers but no very severe Leste has occurred since I had them.

      This “Leste” is a very dry and parching wind and sometimes very hot,….

      Their instruments may not be as accurate but they did understand the Scientific Method unlike the Lysenkoists of today.

  2. Can you email me or post the data for the “Satellite in Miami” chart? I’d like to analyze the cycles and see if it’s similar to any other cycles

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