What Is Right With This Picture?

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Premier League table

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11 Responses to What Is Right With This Picture?

  1. johnbuk says:

    This is a difficult one! It’s either Spurs being at the top or Man. Utd not appearing at all?
    Early days yet Steven.

  2. copernicus34 says:

    that villa are now in the top 10

  3. Stephen Richards says:

    Man Utd below Cardiff. What could be better/worse. A lowly welsh club above the great MU.

  4. Don says:

    Steve, heads up on this article if you have not seen it. Propaganda.


  5. Southend appear about 80 places below.

  6. Another Ian says:

    Seems ironical for a brag about a ship carrying coal getting through the NW passage!

  7. Bruce says:

    Well West Brom beat Man U 2-1 and Man U is not on the table, so the picture seems right to me. One must be careful of one’s feet of clay when tying laces on soccer boots.

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