Arctic Ice Area Highest In Seven Years – Blows Away The Record For Ice Growth

Arctic ice area is increasing, as new ice is forming rapidly north of 80N. Ice area is the highest since 2006.

ScreenHunter_476 Sep. 12 07.47

The year over year change in Arctic sea ice area has blown away the record for ice growth, by more than a factor of two.

ScreenHunter_475 Sep. 12 07.46

Look for the experts to hide this information from the public for as long as they can.

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25 Responses to Arctic Ice Area Highest In Seven Years – Blows Away The Record For Ice Growth

  1. kbray in california says:

    Next spin: Polar Bears trapped by solid ice.

    • Jerry Riter says:

      I thunked they wuz already all dead.

    • teddi says:

      You can just see a polar bear with a coke bottle in one hand and an EBT card on a chain around his neck saying – “It’s too cold, we can’t find food and the AGW subsidies have run out, we need our monthly EBT card limit raised or we are all doomed”.

  2. Andy says:

    It’s not the end of September yet so i am not sure you can claim this.

    Also, the large difference in ice extent in September over last year is not a reflection on how much ice there is this year, simply how little ice there was last year. This year is still low, just not massively low like last year. When we have exceptional years like 2007 and 2012 then the ice extent returns back to the long term trend, which is downwards

    Finally what do you think about the volume amount for 2013 summer? It was a low winter

    Having said that, there will be a lot more multiyear ice next year so it will be interesting to see how things go on.


    • Lou says:

      You used BCC as a source? They got caught trying to push global warming scam on us…

      You’re not too bright…

    • No shils says:

      No Andy, you are incorrect, the graph is a reflection of the total amount of ice GROWTH or DECLINE, if you will actually look at the graph before pounding your little shill fingers away on the keyboard, you’ll notice that the graph finds it’s center for growth at ZERO. So it most certainly is an accurate representation of the exact amount of ice change from a starting point that goes back more than 30 years. I smell shill shit.

    • Ben says:


      Interesting that your link shows a maximum thickness of 4m. Mainstreamfirstlast, the Northwest Passage rowing team, documented ice with a thickness of 12 meters, in the sea. It appears the satellites need recalibration.

      • Andy says:

        How can a local measurement prove anything? Not even scientific. it’s so far away from buoy evidence I am surprised you had the guts or stupidity to post it.

        it’s not the sats that need calibration.


        • Ben says:


          Tens of thousand of measurements show sea ice much thicker than 4 meters many kilometers from the Canadian coast. Someone as smart as you would call that consilience.

          The satellites appear to have cutoff the maximum ice thickness at 4m, contrary to multiple lines of evidence.

          There should be no trepidation introducing evidence contrary to one’s confirmation bias, even if it reduces others to insult.

          Have a great day.

        • teddi says:

          Andy – I’m concerned for your mental well being if you continue in denial of the facts that the AGW movement was based on failed theory. By every measure the nearly $800 billion raised and spent by the environmental left to push the AGW agenda has been a monumental waste of money and time – not to mention the terrible energy policies that have resulted.

          You need to find another cult. May I suggest something a bit more real, like the Fukashima disaster ?

    • stewart pid says:

      As usual with the obsessive-compulsive alarmist shills, Andy attempts to move the goal posts to volume when the ice stages a recovery … too bad, so sad.
      Give it up Andy – you’ve been dealt a losing hand by the Arctic this melt season and your Arctic based shilling for GLO-BULL warming will have to wait until next year!

  3. Pathway says:

    I wish the damn arctic would melt so we can easily get at all that oil. Wonder how that oil got there?

  4. Michael says:

    As one who thinks the AGW promoters are full of it, I do think Andy is right about his initial point. The graph demonstrates year over year change. It isn’t like the zero line is “normal” and therefore this year’s number is way above; it simply reflects the growth from last year’s minimum. It’s encouraging news and hopefully portends continued growth, but it is still only one year. We can’t crow about anything after only one year. The story on the new satellite he links to is however about old news when it discusses last winter’s lackluster peak ice extent while ignoring this summer’s improved melt. And Andy remember, the Arctic data only goes back to 1979 when we trained a satellite to measure it. If AGW proponent’s can say that the decade and a half of no warming is too short a time period to make any assumptions, then you likewise can’t tell us skeptics that you won’t be impressed until the Arctic ice extent reaches 7 million square km. What’s good for the goose…

  5. Colin Pearson (@GiggityGiggityX) says:

    The AGW cultists on grist have still tried to spin this to fit their world view.

  6. Eliza says:

    Best data, best arguments, best humour/humor this site well done SG

  7. jbird says:

    Andy won’t be satisfied that global warming has stopped and that the climate models were utterly wrong until the Laurentide Ice Sheet grinds up to his front door. Even then, he will insist that the return of a new ice age was due to human use of fossil fuels.

  8. Global warming experts: “Global warming is hidden in the oceans”

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