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McKibben Thinks The Land Of Droughts, Floods, Blizzards And Tornadoes Should Be “Stable”

Twitter / billmckibben: from extreme drought to extreme … outbreakmaplarge.jpg (1345×1631)

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DHS Focused On Veterans And People With Ron Paul Bumper Stickers

Obama has purchased 2,700 tanks, 7,000 fully automatic rifles, and 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition for DHS – to protect America from returning veterans and people with Ron Paul bumper stickers on their cars. Meanwhile, they missed this. Boston latest: … Continue reading

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Religion Of Peace Celebrates The Death Of An Eight Year Old In Boston

The Jewish Press » » Gaza Arabs Celebrate Boston Marathon Attack with Dance, Candies h/t to Dave G

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Obama Killed Osama Twice!

Obama has been reminding us over and over again that he personally killed Osama several times, and that he has made America safe from terrorism. The FBI revealed on Friday that they had interviewed Boston Marathon bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev … Continue reading

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Debating With Morons At HuffPo

Look at this exchange. I pointed out that the rate of sea level rise has not changed in New York over the last 160 years. These morons come back “sea level has risen since 1880.” They have no technical understanding … Continue reading

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Tens Of Thousands Of Stoners Celebrate Hitler’s Birthday In Denver

Apr 20 DENVER (AP) — As tens of thousands of people gather to celebrate and smoke marijuana in Denver, police will be out in full force. But it’s not the pot smoking they’re concerned about at the yearly event, billed … Continue reading

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A Good Day For Gardening

Fort Collins, Colorado  April 19, 2013 Tasiilaq, Greenland April 20, 2013

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Back Nine Completed At The Greenland Country Club

After several years of construction, the back nine is finally ready for play and open to the public. The weather has warmed up to a lovely -26C, with a pleasant 22 knot breeze. summit:status:webcam

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Obama Instructs His Cabinet To Punish Americans And Lie About It

Obama has a budget 30% larger than George Bush’s largest budget. He has plenty of money for lavish vacations, F-16s for the Muslim Brotherhood, thousands of tanks, billions of rounds of ammunition and thousands of fully automatic rifles – but … Continue reading

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They Picked The Wrong Year To Start Naming Snowstorms

Weather Street:Clouds and Precipitation Forecast Movie This is the 26th snowstorm of the year. They have run out letters to name snowstorms in 2013.

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