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Understanding “Hope And Change”

Obama’s definition of “hope and change” appears to be “frighten them into submission through division and continuous fearmongering.” He seems to be particularly fond of making Americans afraid of each other. That is what he calls “unity.”

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Early Spring Update In DC

Climate experts tell us that global warming brings an early spring and early cherry blossoms to DC. Record cold this morning, cherry blossoms shivering but surviving In 1946, the trees had bloomed by March 15. Ludington Daily News  Thanks to global … Continue reading

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No Sea Level Rise In California For Half A Century

One year ago, government funded climate experts told us to expect a massive rise in sea level in California by 2030. April 20, 2012 In the 20th century, the sea level rose on average 8 inches along California’s coastline, research by Climate Central and … Continue reading

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Contact Your Congressman

Important read : The Plan To Disarm America

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Progressive Government Provides Loophole To Avoid Inheritance Tax

Jeremy Irons, the Oscar-winning actor, has provoked outrage by suggesting that same sex marriage laws could allow fathers to marry their sons to avoid paying inheritance tax. Jeremy Irons claims gay marriage laws could lead to a father marrying his … Continue reading

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That Would Actually Be Called “Backwards”

“My job is to make sure we move the country forward, and I think we can best do that if Nancy Pelosi is speaker of the House once again,” Obama said Obama seeks reprise of Speaker Pelosi Reverting to Pelosi … Continue reading

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Record Cold Coming To Alaska This Week

Weather Forecast Barrow, AK | Barrow Weather | Wunderground

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Ban Role Playing Games

The New York Times reports that James Holmes played games, drank beer and had ammunition. This insightful New York reporting narrows his profile down to almost every family in Colorado. When the police were able to defuse the traps and search his apartment, … Continue reading

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It’s The People, Stupid

I was playing poker at a friend’s house tonight. His girlfriend was watching a Toronto news channel, and commented “it seems like there is a shooting every night.” Then they had a story about a brutal knife murder. It is … Continue reading

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