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Lefties Desperately Hiding Their Guilt

We protect our valuables by placing them in banks with guns We protect our courthouses with guns We protect our country with guns We protect our congressmen and president with guns We protect our courthouses with guns We protect our … Continue reading

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NASA Thinks Random Distant Planets Are Ideal For Life, But Minuscule Changes In Earth’s CO2 Will Kill Us All

In case you were wondering how completely full of shit global warming alarmists are. NASA sees distant planets that seem ideal for life

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Bombing Suspect Photo Released

Do you know who this man  is, and what countries he says he was born in?

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Malfeasance At The EPA

The EPA’s job is to prevent events like what happened in Waco yesterday. Instead, they are working 24×7 to destroy the fossil fuel industry. Like DHS, Obama has them completely focused on mindless, destructive diversions.

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Climate Change Cancels All Flights Into Chicago

Global weirding has struck Chicago, and all flights into O’Hare have been cancelled. Which is why I’m stuck in New York. ROFL Sinkhole swallows three cars on Chicago’s South Side – U.S. News

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Shocking Imagery Of The Fossil Fuel Powered Early Spring In Fort Collins

This is where I normally take my dogs hiking. Weather Webcams | Weather Underground

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Obama Suggests That Terrorists Should Have Attacked A Different City

‘They picked the wrong city,’ Obama says Boston bombings: ‘They picked the wrong city,’ Obama says – live | World news | guardian.co.uk This happened under his watch.  Obama has been  obsessed with disarming Republicans and Libertarians for the past five months, … Continue reading

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Obama Adopts Zimbabwe’s View On Global Warming

Obama believes that global warming is caused by man’s sin, as does James Hansen, Bill McKibben and primitive aboriginal tribes. The Member of Parliament for Tsholotsho South, Maxwell Dube, said information on climate change was not flowing to the grassroots … Continue reading

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All-Time Record Springtime Cold In Colorado

Fort Collins has been below freezing for more than 72 hours. There has never been a 72 hour stretch below freezing this late in the spring before. History | Weather Underground Climate experts have been telling us for decades that … Continue reading

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Hansen Slams Big Government Money Grabs

There is also a Democratic (Boxer/Sanders) bill in Congress,  but as usual they cannot keep their hands off our wallets, proposing to take 40% of the money to make government bigger http://www.columbia.edu/~jeh1/mailings/2013/20130415_Exaggerations.pdf h/t to JunkScience.com and Tom Nelson

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