1936 : The Most Extreme Temperatures In US History

About one fourth of American locations set their all-time record maximum temperature during 1936.

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Niagara Falls Freezes Into One Giant Icicle






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4 Responses to 1936 : The Most Extreme Temperatures In US History

  1. Andy DC says:

    There was a 182 degree F temperature range during 1936 in North Dakota, -61 to +121. Of course those unspeakable 80 degree golf days last March were FAR more extreme. Don’t just take it from me, look at the NOAA 2012 extreme weather index, which says 2012 was FAR worse than 1936!

  2. Mike Mellor says:

    “Heat has now killed 4,380.” Like most swords, this one is two-edged. When we skeptics ask, “What catastrophe?” the warmistas can show this newspaper cutting as proof.

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