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The Difference Between Christopher Dorner, Franny Armstrong, And Prince Philip

Christopher Dorner wants to kill a few dozen children because he doesn’t like their fathers. Franny Armstrong visualizes killing any school child who disagrees with her about global warming. Prince Philip wants to be reincarnated as a virus, and kill … Continue reading

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Understanding Liberal Think

Christopher Dorner has become a left-wing hero, because of his clear headed thinking – summarized below. Police are evil, abusive, hateful, violent, racists who can’t be trusted. Therefore they are the only ones who should be allowed to have guns. … Continue reading

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Vermont Twit Can’t Give It A Rest

McKitten spent all last winter blaming the lack of snow in Vermont on global warming, and this winter he is blaming the heavy snow on global warming. Apparently some years warm air has too much moisture, and other years warm … Continue reading

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More Climate Devastation In Colorado

I was riding my bicycle up in the mountains this afternoon – just as the blizzard started moving in.

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More Climate Devastation In Alaska

The New York Times reported this week that Alaska is doomed by global warming Weather Forecast Barrow, AK | Barrow Weather | Wunderground

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Democratic Heroes And Goats

Democrats think this guy is a hero, because he loves Obama and supports gun confiscation. Democrats hate this guy, because he speaks the truth about Obama’s policies and personal limitations.

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This Is What Snow Looks Like

Just before Christmas 2006, we had almost three feet of snow – overnight – in Fort Collins. No martial law, but I did blow out my tranny.

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Shoveling The Hype

Fox News had a feature picture up earlier which made it look like Danbury, Connecticut was hopelessly buried under three feet of snow. This is what it actually looks like in Danbury, Connecticut this afternoon. ConnDOT: CCTV# 148 Danbury WB Exit 6 … Continue reading

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2,670 Days Since Florida Has Been Hit By A Hurricane

Florida has been hurricane-free since October 19, 2005. This is by far the longest hurricane-free period in Florida’s history. Democratic bloggers last summer were writing about their hopes that a large hurricane would kill many people in Tampa during the … Continue reading

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Shock News : Named Winter Storms Up 100% This Year

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