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Major Blizzard Here

I just took the dogs for a hike up in the foothills It is snowing about two inches an hour, and the wind is blowing 20 MPH. I almost had to carry the older dog the last hundred yards, because … Continue reading

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Arctic Ice-Free Since 2012

Tremendous cold made the Arctic ice-free last year. We can see the frightening effects of the Arctic’s rising temperatures in the quick and devastating melt of the region’s sea ice. In 2008, Arctic summer sea ice reached the second-lowest extent … Continue reading

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Still Waiting On The Rapid Response Team

It has been 27 months since the rapid response team promised to get back to me My First Query To The Climate Science Rapid Response Team I expect to hear from them any day now.

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The Joy Of Cycling

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Disturbing Imagery Of Declining Snow Cover In The Cascades

Remember when the Oregon state climatologist got fired for saying that Cascade snow cover was not declining? Mount Rainier WebCams

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Global Warming Punishes Alaska For Their Oil Sins

  History | Weather Underground

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Hansen’s Carpool

Hansen has been criticized for commuting from central Pennsylvania into Manhattan – but since Manhattan submerged in 2009 he has been carpooling into the office. Can you spot Gavin?

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Using Coconuts As A Gasoline Replacement

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Met Office Crashes And Burns

Met Office climate forecasts remind me of NASCAR racing the Met Office’s decadal forecast predicts renewed warming after 2010 with about half of the years to 2015 likely to be warmer globally than the current warmest year on record. Global warming set … Continue reading

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All New York Major Hurricanes Occurred Below 350 PPM CO2

Since 1850, New York has been hit by seven major (category 3,4,5) hurricanes. The most recent was Hurricane Gloria in 1985. Chronological List of All Hurricanes Politicians hope to end major hurricanes in New York, by pretending that they can … Continue reading

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