Lefties Want Black People To Behave

Presidential Medal of Freedom winner Ben Carson has angered the left by speaking his mind.

Now Media Matters targets Ben Carson

Lefties believe that black people should behave nicely and keep their mouth shut. If they do open their mouth, it should be like this :

They absolutely can’t stand an intelligent, articulate black person who dares criticize the party line, or calls Obama on his seemingly endless bullshit.

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11 Responses to Lefties Want Black People To Behave

  1. Latitude says:

    this has been a long slow process of homogenizing the entire black race……
    doesn’t matter if a black person is black trash or the smartest person on the planet….
    there’s no distinction…..they are all blacks or African-American

    We are not allowed to use descriptive words to set them apart…….
    ..and they are all supposed to think, act, and march in step

    white trash, hillbilly, redneck, cracker, etc are all perfectly fine to use

  2. kim2ooo says:

    Reblogged this on Climate Ponderings.

  3. hannuko says:

    Yes, I find that often the biggest racists are those who claim to fight racism. They don’t consider any minority to compose of adult individuals. They are thought to be a single cute and cuddly child who needs to be nurtured and who should be grateful for all the good ‘proper’ people are doing for him.

    There was an interesting polemic here when a gay blogger wrote that he feared what a large-scale muslim immigration from middle-east would do to to his rights. After all many middle-eastern islamists openly call for the killing of all gays.

    Leftists attacked him for betraying minorities. The argument went that since he belongs to a minority, he should be on the side of all minorities – or else he will help the evil white hetero male majority who is wants to oppress everyone else. The sides are picked for him and he should just accept being on the same side as the people that want him dead.

  4. SMS says:

    One Hundred and fifty years ago a great Civil War was fought to hold the union together and free the slaves. Hundreds of thousands of soldiers, white and black, died because they believed that these values were worth the ultimate sacrifice. Eighty years ago a new form of slavery was introduced by FDR. What the Republican president Abraham Lincoln died for, was undone by the FDR democrats and the democratic party of today. This new form of slavery has manifested itself in broken families, rejection of education, crime, and comes disquised as government handouts from a two faced benefactor. Socialism has destroyed much of the black race in America. It has now turned itself on the rest of the American citizenship and, like a cancer growing within us, will eventually lead to the death of this, once, great nation.

    • “Harry, let the dogs loose!, Dammit, Eleanor, one of your uppity coloreds has gone and jumped the plantation again!”
      — From “The Saying of Chairman Franklin”

    • Keitho says:

      I would like to point out that battle for the rights of black people 150 years ago was fought, almost exclusively, by white people. Likewise it was the white British who abolished slavery around as much of the world as they could in the 1800’s.

      Slavery still exists in the world today but it is not practised by whites anywhere.

      The left encourages blacks to continue to resent right wing whites for slavery. The left uses racism to its own advantage and continues to buy black votes with our money. The soft bigotry of low expectations is the very hallmark of the left. The right simply expects competence and responsibility from all.

  5. Blade says:

    Lefties, and especially the (D)emocratic-Socialist party have always wanted us on their reservation. Thankfully, Allen West has been talking this up for quite a while, but before that Alan Keyes, Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell also discuss it.

    The (D)’s have essentially redefined the word “Slave” by actually reversing the logic, labeling the true pioneers who break free of the reservation as Uncle Toms, people like Justice Thomas, Keyes, Sowell, Walter Williams, Armstrong Williams, and now Carson.

    Those people mentioned above are really the ones spiritually descended from Frederick Douglass, an actual hero that long preceded the modern-day (D)emocrat-approved Jackson, Sharpton, DingleBarry, and Thurgood Marshall, the true Uncle Toms, cozying up to the “man”, getting favorable treatment, a slice of the pie and a nice cabin for their services.

    Uncle Tom, although a fictitious composite, served Antebellum southern masters who can only be associated with the (D) party, their (D) fugitive slave laws, and (D) KKK enforcers, receiving preferential treatment at the expense of fellow slaves. Those that escape and break free of this cycle are most certainly NOT Uncle Toms.

    Frederick Douglass was not only a (R) in his era, if her were alive today he would be sitting alongside Keyes, Sowell, West and all the (many) others. He would certainly downplay the (R) label today though, seeing them as the cowards they have become as of late.


  6. gofer says:

    They just can’t stand it and just how racist is stating that Carson is only doing it for attention and money. They don’t believe a black man can actually be a conservative and can’t actually think for himself. He must be doing it for some alternative reason. How low can they go?

    “MSNBC commentator Joy Reid said: “Right now, first of all, there is a huge boom in it there is a big career advancement in it. If you want to be Ben Carson, Marco Rubio, any brown or black person who is willing to say conservative stuff, this is your moment. You can make a lot of money, get a lot of attention, get a lot of love from the right, because they really do need brown and black faces to start saying this script…”
    Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2013/02/now-media-matters-targets-ben-carson/#RALhHU3gXve0vBbx.99

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