1922 Shock News : Global Warming Making The Arctic Unrecognizable

Massive warming, glaciers disappearing, animals migrating – in 1922.

Hansen says that the Arctic expansion and ice age scare of the 1970s was much warmer than the Arctic meltdown of the 1920s.  And Mosher says that Hansen’s data is golden.

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10 Responses to 1922 Shock News : Global Warming Making The Arctic Unrecognizable

  1. Mosher no doubt believes Iceland’s “Sea Ice Years” of the 60’s and 70’s , never occurred.

    Despite the fact that most of Iceland was surrounded by sea ice all year round, that unemployment rocketed, their currency collapsed, and agriculture and fisheries failed.

    But in Mosher’s world, only algorithms matter, real events only serve to complicate matters.


    • miked1947 says:

      TRUE!!!! He is a firm believer in ASSumptions. They no longer qualify as WAG and are so bad a new name had to be used to describe them. That was formed using the body area where they pulled their ASSumptions from!

  2. miked1947 says:

    Hansen’s Computer outputs are based on erroneous ASSumptions! Hansen and his group do not provide data, because the results of computer modeling are not DATA. The are Computer ASSumptions that are meant to appear to be Data and the reporting groups, NOAA, HADCRU, NASA GISS and others misrepresent their findings as DATA!
    They are little more than “What If Scenarios”!
    Mosher is another one of the gullible that fell for the charade! BEST is a very good example of promoting computer model output as DATA!

  3. Hugh K says:

    Actic heat wave from 1918-1922? No ice? No seals in sight? Leaves one wondering how Ursus maritimus managed to survive….

  4. Leslie Graham says:

    What desperate nonsense.
    The Arctic ice extent in August 1922 was aound 11,000,000 klm2 compared to around 5,000,000 klm2 in August 2012.
    The article is referring to the area around Spitsbergan as it clearly states.
    Are you seriously trying to suggest that the Arctic ice also lost 80% of it’s volume in 1922?!
    Simply pathetic.

    By the way Steve – hows the old “The sea level is falling” meme going these days?
    Now that it’s back above trend and setting new record highs you will have to shout “The sea level is falling” louder than ever.
    Heh heh.

    • The passive microwave readings from 1922 tell me that you are a complete moron – and a liar.

      Don’t you dare come on my blog and try to lie about me. I’ve written about 300 posts showing that the rate of sea level rise hasn’t changed over the last century

      What a scumbag, and a pig.

    • “The Arctic ice extent in August 1922 was aound 11,000,000 klm2 compared to around 5,000,000 klm2 in August 2012.”

      That is complete bullshit. Nobody can know what sea extent was in *August* 1922. We did not have sat’s back then to measure such things, and no such detailed measurements ever existed either.

      • Although he could have mistyped and perhaps meant 1972 or 1982 or something like that? Eco-worriers aren’t real good with dates and tend to mix up their decades and centuries when it comes to such matters… 😉

      • The only way they can argue with facts is by lying about the person who brought them to their attention. I am surprised that someone was stupid enough to bring that bullshit over here.

      • This reminds me of Brewski pointing out that there has been warming of the oceans since 1955 and “only” greenhouse gases can “explain” this. Oceans have warmed for tens of thousands of year with or without increases in CO2. If he wants to argue that there is an “anthropogenic signature”, which is fine by me, BTW, then he should argue for an acceleration in ocean warming that is distinct from other periods where the warming rates have varied. He doesn’t attempt to argue such a case, but rather opts for misdirection while simultaneously accusing everyone else of misdirection.

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