Exxon : Feeding The Crocodile

Had Exxon’s leadership been using their brains, they would have financed skeptical scientists who had been cut off Al Gore. Instead they fed the green crocodile and are now its next intended meal. They could have established a large body of evidence that government climatologists are political hacks, not scientists.

But the good news is that I have done their job for them. In the 1970’s, our top government climatologists were worried about global cooling, not global warming.



11 Jul 1974, Page 1 – at Newspapers.com


After the PDO shift in 1976, they began to detect warming and started shifting to the global cooling bandwagon but there was no agreement. Schneider said :

This is a game of values, not so much a game of science…. science can not give certain answers about the future.


31 Jan 1977, Page 10 – at Newspapers.com

MIT professor Jule Charney summed it up quite succinctly.

I don’t think we can predict climate now, and I wouldn’t trust anyone who said he could…. Anyone who says he can tell you more than a few days in advance what the weather is going to be, is practicing necromancy.


Lakeland Ledger – Google News Archive Search

There is overwhelming evidence that government funded climate scientists are incompetent political hacks who tamper with data to jack up their failed theories. Exxon needs to pull themselves together and mount an aggressive defense.


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  1. mkelly says:


    At around the 5 minute mark is when a glacier expert talks about the drop in temps over north.

  2. dennisambler says:

    John Daly examined Schneider in detail, the site is still maintained:

    Schneider S. & Rasool S., “Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide and Aerosols – Effects of Large Increases on Global Climate”, Science, vol.173, 9 July 1971, p.138-141
    “We report here on the first results of a calculation in which separate estimates were made of the effects on global temperature of large increases in the amount of CO2 and dust in the atmosphere. It is found that even an increase by a factor of 8 in the amount of CO2, which is highly unlikely in the next several thousand years, will produce an increase in the surface temperature of less than 2 deg. K.

    However, the effect on surface temperature of an increase in the aerosol content of the atmosphere is found to be quite significant. An increase by a factor of 4 in the equilibrium dust concentration in the global atmosphere, which cannot be ruled out as a possibility within the next century, could decrease the mean surface temperature by as much as 3.5 deg. K. If sustained over a period of several years, such a temperature decrease could be sufficient to trigger an ice age!”

  3. bleakhouses says:

    This could be a big moment if Exxon/Mobil actually puts up a fight. All of what is talked about here would come out in Federal Court in New York City. That is exactly why it will never happen, this is not to be taken seriously and is merely a political sop; I can’t even call it a grandstand because nothing will ever come of it.

  4. Gail Combs says:

    So the Witch Hunts begin.

    If Exxon settles out of court (which they will) or if it drags on for years (Think Dr Tim Ball and Mark Steyn) The damage is done. Now a precedence has been set that if you open your mouth to ‘deny the CAGW religion’ we will BANKRUPT YOU IN COURT!!!!

    Additionally RICO (the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) has “Those found guilty of racketeering can be fined up to $25,000 and sentenced to 20 years in prison per racketeering count. In addition, the racketeer must forfeit all ill-gotten gains and interest in any business gained through a pattern of “racketeering activity.” — WIKI

    • Gail, It’s becoming obvious that all of Tony’s and most others good work on the dissent side is getting us nowhere. Just in our country we have the MSM, the dumbasses in the WH, most of the dumbasses in congress plus many of our local elected officials working to build a case against us. Then we have the dumbasses in the public who think they know everything AND the true dumbasses who actually know nothing, all rooting for the case makers…I kinda know what the folks at the Alamo and Dien Bien Phu felt like.
      Somehow, and we’ve got to begin to more effectively neutralize those bastards, the loudest first, until we get the odds a bit more even. To determine just how to do that is way above my pay grade, my energy level and my financial ability to help.
      I can see it now…the sun gradually morphs into a solar minimum similar to the Maunder Minimum of the late 1600’s, the world is unable to feed everybody and chaos reigns supreme, ALL because the dumbasses of the world had everybody leaning the wrong way.
      Keep your powder dry!

      • Gail Combs says:

        Well put.

        I am firmly convinced that the Movers and Shakers took the Global cooling warning to heart and have been shifting assets to the south in preparation for major cooling since the 1970s. They also want to make darn sure the rest of us can not follow them. Hence no transportation except public and a very timid and dependent population plus the introduction of carnivores, wolves coyotes, jaguars and “Pleistocene rewilding [that] has already begun in North America….”. (Also see the Rewilding Institute and their PDF ) Then add in Transit villages (Green dots- normal use) and “Wildlands” (Red) and Restricted (yellow)


        Think about it. When did we start getting major regulations crippling the US economy? The 1970s. When did the socialists really gear up their brain washing? The 1970s.

        When did the Malthusians like Holdren and Erhlich start pedaling their Population bomb crap? The 1970s. the EU, Canada, the USA and Australia all have level to negative population growth as a result.

        E.M. Smith has a few of good blogs on Demographics:
        Killing Women or Importing Men?

        Thorium, China, India, PIIGS Demographics

        China, Debt, Demographics

        There is a lot more like that such as the land grab in Africa and Latin America, and the transfer of US and EU manufacturing to India, China and Brazil.

        Then there are the present wars in the middle east. Let the Islamists get really really uppity let them spread to the EU and USA and get in your face and then you have a really really good excuse for genocide — think the Holocaust. (War on terrorism and the rest) This wipes out a large portion of humans in the middle east and Africa and also gets rid of a lot of Americans and Europeans into the bargain.

        It also explains why no matter what facts are tossed at the head of the ClimAstrologists and politicians the march to a World Government and the stripping of assets from the EU and USA continues with the blessing of those IN the EU and USA. It explains the insane policies of the EU and USA towards a religion that hates all but their own kind and even then they kill each other.

        The other explanation of course is our leaders are all stark raving mad. Either way we lose.

      • I have no idea who you are or what your agenda is, but you have no idea what you are talking about.

        • Gail Combs says:

          Tony, the key is what was happening around the early 1970s along with the fact we know the government & MSM LIES. Remember that was the time period when Shackleton and Hays and others were validating the Milancovitch Cycles.

          In I972 the First Earth Summit was chaired by Maurice Strong.

          Why was he talking of GLOBAL WARMING in 1972?

          After all the 1974 CIA report you have linked to was talking about the problems caused by cold weather in the early seventies. That just doesn’t make sense unless the elite either had a much better idea of weather cycles than we think (Gleissberg was already published) or they were really dishing out the propaganda to confuse the public.

          As Elaine Dewar wrote in Toronto’s Saturday Night magazine:

          It is instructive to read Strong’s 1972 Stockholm speech and compare it with the issues of Earth Summit 1992. Strong warned urgently about global warming, the devastation of forests, the loss of biodiversity, polluted oceans, the population time bomb. Then as now, he invited to the conference the brand-new environmental NGOs [non-governmental organizations]: he gave them money to come; they were invited to raise hell at home. After Stockholm, environment issues became part of the administrative framework in Canada, the U.S., Britain, and Europe…


          Guest essay by Dr. Tim Ball: Overpopulation: The Fallacy Behind The Fallacy Of Global Warming

          Any way you slice it we know:
          1. They want to reduce the world population otherwise Holdren wouldn’t be chief science adviser to Obama.

          2. There is no way in Hades they actually believe in CAGW otherwise they would not be censoring free speech.

          3. Even if the earth is not going to go into full glaciation it is certainly NOT going to warm and even if the Holocene follows MIS11 the weather is going to be very nasty and wild Why? Because the earth is presently near the solar insolation transition point between the Warm Phase and Cold Phase. The earth’s climate given the Dansgaard–Oeschger events and other evidence seems to be bi-stable so near the transition point will be unstable. (I think there is evidence of that from MIS11 too.)

          4. From that 1974 CIA report:

          pg 9
          The archaeologists and climatotologists document a rather grim history… There is considerable evidence that these empires may not have been undone by barbarian invaders but by climatic change…. has tied several of these declines to specific global cool periods, major and minor, that affected global atmospheric circulation and brought wave upon wave of drought to formerly rich agricultural lands.

          Refugees from these collapsing civilizations were often able to migrate to better lands… This would be of little comfort however,… The world is too densely populated and politically divided to accommodate mass migration….

          So a cool cycle is certainly something the elite are going to be concerned with. The 2008 food riots were a reminder of the problem.

          5. The seventies is when we saw the start of major red tape designed to strangle the US economy: EPA (1970) OSHA (1971) Equal Rights Amendment (1972) for example. At that time (1970) the labor force in manufacturing was 24%, in farming 4.6% Over 30% of labor was directly involved in building real wealth. By the last Census manufacturing was less than 9%, and farming ~1% (GDP only tracks the exchange of money and not building of wealth BTW)

          I see zero reason not to think decisions were made back in the seventies that we see coming to fruition today. After all Pascal Lamy point blank said the decision to have a world government was made in the 1930s and we certainly were not apprised of those decisions or asked permission.

        • Gail Combs says:

          And Tony,

          I toss out the coming glaciation mainly to tick-off the rabid Warmists.

          Which way it flops is up in the air (from the papers I have read) and dependent on a lot of other stuff besides Solar Insolation at 65N.

  5. gator69 says:

    I don’t think we can predict climate now, and I wouldn’t trust anyone who said he could…. Anyone who says he can tell you more than a few days in advance what the weather is going to be, is practicing fraud.

  6. Gail Combs says:

    James Delingpole exposes WHO was behind the lynching of EXXON

    Exposed: The Green Activists Who Cooked Up The RICO Conspiracy Against Big Oil

    ….They have been flown out to La Jolla by the Climate Accountability Institute (whose board of advisers includes one Michael Mann) to attend a workshop titled: ‘Establishing Accountability for Climate Change Damages: Lessons from Tobacco Control.’

    You’ll find all the details in this excellent investigation by Shub Niggarath who demonstrates clearly how everything that has since come to pass – from the fishing for allegedly incriminating documents and the use of lawyers and lawfare to the identification of Exxon as a key target – was laid out at that meeting…..

    Perhaps Exxon should counter sue every single one of them INCLUDING Mikey Mann AND HITLERy Clinton!!!

  7. Barbara says:

    Well put, Gail and All, I think I would just give up if I didn’t know from this blog that some wisdom and common sense along with extraordinary intelligence still exists. I am about a third of the way through our friend Kent Clizbe’s book. _Willing Accomplices_. I actually don’t even have to finish it to know he is right about where and how political correctness -P.C. – and the opposition to any kind of dissent started. I think it was the early 80’s when I dropped memberships in Sierra Club, National G., Defenders of Wildlife, etc. I feel like a sucker now, but I did finally realize how skewed their “science”, policies and philosophies were. Having been a voting Democrat since I came of age (never voted a straight ticket, however, until my first protest! votes in 2010 and 2012). I became a Republican (We can’t seem to count on them either.) very shortly after the 2008 election when I saw what “we the people” had wrought. With only a few exceptions, all of you here give me comfort, if not a lot of hope. Hoping for early December blizzards in Paris!!!

  8. Gail Combs says:

    We can show our support to Exxon. I just sent a short e-mail
    CONTACT INFO for Exxon:

    I am also using the internet to look up all the Exxon stations in my operating area to make DARN SURE I buy my fuel from Exxon and not from the traitors – Shell Oil or B.P.


  9. gofer says:

    Written by Naomi Oreskes:

    “The New McCarthyism: How the Fear of Socialism Fuels America’s Climate Denial” – http://www.alternet.org/enviro

    What is AlterNet.org? The home of Max Blumenthal, Sidney Blumenthal’s son.

    Kinda makes emails between Sidney and Hillary pertinent when you consider Sidney is asking Hillary to meet with the emir of Qatar who, who supports the Libyan civil war, the Syrian civil war…AND the Qatari emir also happens to be invested in the same green energy companies alongside Kleiner Perkins (Al Gore’s employer) who also donate to and run Obama and Hillary’s campaigns, along with the Qatari emir also buying CurrentTV from Al Gore.

    How peculiar.

  10. Gail Combs says:

    Ted, this chart is by the Bureau of Labor Stats who is known for painting rosy pictures….


    (I stripped the URL of everything after (dot)jpg to make it easier to see)

    • Ted says:

      Oh, come on Gail. How could you possibly have a problem with the government’s numbers? The Ministry of Truth says everything is double plus good right now. Didn’t they just announce that Obama personally created 12 trillion jobs last month, or something like that?
      Yes, the official numbers seem like they might, on occasion, be just a bit on the rosy end of the scale. I started machining in 1998. Between immigration, and the trade policies of Papa Bush/Bubba/Junior/Obammy, a starting machinist today makes about a dollar an hour less than back then, in nominal terms. About 40% less in real terms, and that continues all the way to the top of the scale. The last time I went looking for a job was in 2008. At 32 years old, I was competing against men twice my age, for jobs that paid what those guys made back in the 80’s.

      Thanks for the URL tip. I’ll try to remember that one.

  11. OrganicFool says:

    Little Ice Age – Obama’s Dream world
    Famines, plagues, wars. The Church blamed it on witches.

  12. weatherguru says:

    The U.S. government fined VW $18 billion dollars. If Exxon does not cooperate, I’m sure the government will fine Exxon in an unprecedented fashion for abstract reasons. If Exxon does fight, good for them. The court battle will be long and cost tax payers billions. The government is obsessed with ‘proving’ global warming, which means they are losing the PR battle. Awesome! Way to go everyone!

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