Jerry Brown’s 1977 Global Cooling BS, Recycled As Jerry Brown’s 2014 Global Warming BS

In 1977, Governor Brown warned that California was facing an unprecedented drought, blamed at the time on global cooling

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This year, Governor Brown warned that California faces an unprecedented drought caused by global warming

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Trenberth says that 2014 freak lightning and fires in California are caused by global warming

“On the West Coast,” Trenberth said, “you don’t have the complex vertical structure and wind shear typically associated with lightning storms.”

But a changing climate may alter those weather patterns, making such freak occurrences more common. California’s historic drought, for example, has the potential to set up conditions for extreme weather.  “With the drought, the contrast between the ocean and land is much greater than it otherwise would be,” said Trenberth. “It’s those contrasts that can help set up circulation and make the weather a little bit more vigorous than it otherwise would be.

Lightning at Venice Beach? California faces really weird – and deadly – weather — The Daily Climate

In 1977, experts said that freak lightning storms and fires in California were caused by global cooling.

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This year, Jet Stream dips are blamed on global warming. They make Alaska warm, California dry and Florida cold

ScreenHunter_53 Jul. 17 14.00

Is global warming causing extreme weather via jet stream waves? | John Abraham | Environment |

 In 1977, Jet Stream dips were blamed on global cooling. They made Alaska warm, California dry and Florida cold.


The Lewiston Journal – Google News Archive Search


It is amazing how left wing politicians can recycle the same garbage from one generation to the next, by simply switching one word cooling => warming.

Jerry Jr. will probably have to switch back to the global cooling scam, now that his father has gone AC/DC on climate.

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16 Responses to Jerry Brown’s 1977 Global Cooling BS, Recycled As Jerry Brown’s 2014 Global Warming BS

  1. Shazaam says:

    Jr. might pile onto the “new” global cooling scam. And I suspect that he won’t get much of a warm welcome.

    People have had just about their limit of lies and deceptions from the so-called climate experts.

    When the guillotines start making public appearances I expect that the scamsters will suddenly be very difficult to locate, let alone be available to make any statements about the imminent dangers of “global cooling”.

    • Eric Simpson says:

      Yes. And I was reading a novel the other day (The Old Wives Tale) that described late 19th century France as having less frequent guillotinings then before, but the executions that they did have were great public spectacles where thousands upon thousands would travel far and arrive hours or days before the event held in great open parks or the like. Then they’d watch the bloody thing happen.

  2. gregole says:

    Warming? Cooling? Crisis? Yeah.

    The so-called intelligentsia will seize on anything they can to propel themselves into the limelight, kiss-up to those in power, and propose so-called solutions that surprise, surprise require us plebeians to give up all rights, privileges, and freedom to save-the-world.

    Climate, as best we know from our meager measurements, proxies, and the historic record, is cyclical. Warmer and wetter is better. Colder equals hard/harder times. If we endanger cheap, available energy, and the screw turns and it gets cooler, we will suffer.

  3. Password protected says:

    Ya, California, Arizona, New Mexico…that whole part of the continent is chronically dry. So why does it seem to surprise everyone every time a drought comes along?
    A prolonged drought in the Pacific Northwest, now that may be noteworthy.

    • gregole says:

      In late February 1969, a series of northwestern cold-front storms moved south along a low-pressure trough that had formed over the California coast. Precipitation for February 22-25 ranged from 5 to 15 inches in lowland areas of southern California; Lake Arrowhead (altitude 5,200 feet) recorded 23.9 inches. Almost the same areas were flooded in February as in January. Peak discharges in southern California were slightly less than in January, but the Salinas River at Spreckels on February 26 had a new peak discharge of record that exceeded the March 1938 peak by 11 percent. Sixty lives were lost in the January-February floods, and the estimated property damage was about $400 million (Nelson and Haley, 1970).

      The most recent large floods in California were in February 1986. The storm pattern was similar to that of December 1955 and December 1964 and produced substantial rainfall and floods in the northern one-half of the State (California Department of Water Resources, 1988). A series of storms embedded in a flow of moist air from the southwest moved across the State. From February 11 to 22, precipitation was recorded in many areas of northern California for 12 consecutive days. The principal track of the storms passed northeastward over Santa Rosa, Sacramento, and Yuba City into the Feather, Yuba, and American River basins of the Sierra Nevada. The largest total rainfall for the period was 49.6 inches, recorded at Bucks Lake in the Feather River basin. Storm totals of 20-30 inches were common for many locations.

      I lived in Southern California in the northern part of the county from 1961 to 1972, from 1976 to 1995. My wife and her family own property in Northern California in the areas referenced above.

      I remember the 1969 rains. They washed out portions of foothill roads so severely that the civil municipal authorities simply rerouted the roads. Mountain canyons I had hiked in were utter changed – entire canyons rerouted; mountains had shifted and moved – we almost got lost that day up in the hills, the topography had so changed. Practically overnight!

      In 1986 we sandbagged the property. A couple of years earlier, I had dug 6 foot deep sumps on the low side of our property along the flood path – there was a house below ours and I knew if it flooded again, and it would, that property would be flooded. My wise neighbor beside me did the same – he’d also been around awhile.

      Those rains in 1986 were phenomenal. I got a horrible flu, was sick in bed, and that night, the roof gave out. Water flowed down the kids bedroom wall like a waterfall. Deathly ill, I got up on the roof in the storm and put tarping up around the leaking area. But the sumps held up. There wasn’t a flood on the property. Tore everything up, but no flooding.

      Drought. Flood. Welcome to hill country in Southern California.

      Oh. And earthquakes. Fires. Civil insurrections. I moved to Arizona. I love Arizona.

  4. Dave N says:

    The only things that remain constant are the attention seeking, hysteria, and “our planet is doomed; we must save it” mantras. That alarmists fail to recognise this speaks volumes. If they weren’t afforded such attention, they wouldn’t reconsider their thinking; they would just crawl under a rock and die.

  5. Eric Simpson says:

    Brown is ruining CA with his idiotic climate change garbage, and today this:

    California Gov. Jerry Brown told a crowd of climate change watchers [figures, and what the heck are “climate change watchers?”] at an event in Mexico that Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s push for National Guard troops on the border was flat-out wrong — that God demands a friendlier reception for illegals. Mr. Brown outright called on Mr. Perry, along with other politicians in the United States, to abide the “religious call … to welcome the stranger,” in reference to illegal immigrants, Breitbart reported.

  6. Morgan says:

    Drought is weather. Drought is not climate.

    Desert is climate. You can’t have a drought in a desert.

  7. philjourdan says:

    From an observation standpoint this is one of the best articles I have read!

    But Brown was a disaster then (I was there) and he is a disaster now. he should have stayed with Linda Rondstadt.

  8. Phil Jones says:

    One of your best ever…. Totally illustrates the foolery of the Warmist crowd.

  9. bill hunter says:

    I am as ardent anti-CAGW nutcase guy but Jerry Brown is neither quoted above blaming California droughts on global cooling or global warming. If somebody deserves to be wearing a dunce cap lets get the quotes that do it!

  10. Greg Turner says:

    Based on the images and text you provide, there is no declarative sentence saying global cooling is causing drought or changes to the jet stream. The article about Jerry Brown’s drought conference doesn’t say “global” or “cooling.”

  11. Gabe Burgess says:

    It is interesting that politicians and scientists that usually have a built in bias (money)
    can’t figure out what illiterate farmers have known for 300 years. The farmers had a built
    in bias also (survival). These are typical 15-25 year cycles caused by the warming and cooling of
    the sun. Sun hotter, earth hotter. Sun cooler, earth cooler. The pause in global warming is evidence of the natural cooling cycle which should come to an end in a few years and the warmer cycle will start. I am sure the global warming guys will jump all over it. The problem is the science has become political. And when that happens, there is lots of money to be made, and a lot of it is made by not telling the truth. I don’t even know what the truth is, but I did grow up on a farm where we had to grow what we ate and this was common knowledge of the people who are directly involved in the climate. There was very little money to be made in small farming operations, but we could feed ourselves and we knew what to plant during the cold cycles and what to plant during the hot cycles. People who live next to the earth are often defined by the elite as dumb, uneducated, etc. But they can feed themselves. I am not certain the politicians and scientists could.

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