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Howard And Bradley Yes! Dempsey And Jones No!

Outstanding defense and midfield play, but the strikers looked like rank amateurs. Exciting match and kudos to Klinsmann for a huge improvement from four years ago. They did need Donovan though.

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Averaging Un-Tampered Raw Temperature Data Is “Bogus”

Politihack did a followup : Judith Curry, a climatologist at the Georgia Institute of Technology, also originally downplayed Heller’s claims. But after seeing the data from Texas, Curry acknowledged that he might have had a point. “I infer from this … Continue reading

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Thermometer Data Drives Them Crazy

The number of hysterical bloggers upset by my use of the complete, raw, untampered HCN thermometer record – is quite remarkable. Some have called my use of untampered data – “data tampering.” Their obvious next topic – Why is a raven like a … Continue reading

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Someone Put It Out Of Its Misery

Argentina/Switzerland has completely sucked so far. And now an extra 30 minutes.

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Hank Johnson Speaks Out On Denial, And The Reality Of Climate Change

Excellent news. New research shows that Guam has not tipped over yet. Representative Johnson is not only worried about Guam tipping over, but is also quite concerned that 0.0001 mole fraction of Mann-made CO2 will destroy the planet. Rep. Johnson … Continue reading

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GISS Diverging From Reality At A Phenomenal Rate

Gavin is doing an excellent job following in Hansen’s footsteps, keeping GISS global temperatures diverging from reality at a phenomenal rate. Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs NASA says that satellite temperatures are much more accurate, but since they don’t fit the computer models … Continue reading

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I disagree with the criticism of Bradley. He has the self-confidence and poise to control the ball in the mid-field, which combined with Tim Howard’s flawless performance has kept the US in the tournament. Will Altidore play?

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Illinois USHCN Infilled Temperatures Warming 14 Degrees Per Century Faster Than Measured Ones

NOAA’s program of making up temperatures for stations which don’t report in a given month, has produced a 14F/century divergence between the fake temperatures and the actual measured ones in Illinois. Climate experts and several prominent skeptics agree that the NOAA methodology … Continue reading

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Climate Experts Believe They Can Improve The Weather Through A Carbon Tax

TimesMachine: August 22, 1899 – NYTimes.com

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