Climate Flees The Arctic And Moves To California

The Arctic is having record cold this summer. Look at this unbelievable forecast of below freezing temperatures over the Beaufort Sea for the rest of the month.

ScreenHunter_1213 Jul. 22 05.58

10-Day Temperature Outlook

The cold is going to produce the most Arctic summer sea ice in a decade.

ScreenHunter_1215 Jul. 22 06.01

COI | Centre for Ocean and Ice | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

After being obsessed with the Arctic and Polar bears for years, there is no mention of this in the press.

78% of the US has been below normal temperature over the last 10 months. Almost the entire country except for California is running cold. Much of the country is having a record cold July and record cold year.

ScreenHunter_1216 Jul. 22 06.04

Current Climate Summary Maps – Powered by ACIS – High Plains Regional Climate Center

So what does the press turn their focus to? California of course.

ScreenHunter_1217 Jul. 22 06.10

First six months of 2014 were warmest in California’s history

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20 Responses to Climate Flees The Arctic And Moves To California

  1. John Silver says:

    -1.8 C @ salinity 35 ppt is the freezing point in the Arctic ocean.

    • Sea ice melts at 0C in the summer, because it is mostly freshwater. Arctic explorers melt sea ice and drink it. How do you think Amundsen stayed in the Arctic Ocean for three years? Six packs of little plastic water bottles?

  2. bit chilly says:

    fortunately i have a variety of bets with various warmists relating to arctic ice over the next few years . i was actually willing to bet my house against anyone else,s that there would be no ice free arctic between now and 2020,but surprisingly not one single warmist had the balls to take up the offer ,this was over one year ago ,not that long after the supposed low record was set.

  3. emsnews says:

    The color code for the forecast maps is insane.

    So, green is ‘at or slightly above freezing’ while red is ’55 degrees’ is yellow and ’65 degrees’ is red hot!

    • Al Gore says:

      Do you have to point things out? I mean really! Can’t I get a break? Hey, you wanna buy some carbon credits?

  4. Brendan says:

    California was in the middle of a 20 year drought just prior to the superstorm of 1861-1862, which created so much water that there was a hydraulic jump of 6 feet at the mouth of the Bay. According the the State Geologist of the time, the San Ramon Valley was filled with cracked baked clay, looked like a desert, and had tarantula holes everywhere. So at least the big flood that occurred then killed off most of the tarantulas (which are now mostly found around Mt Diablo….)

    So it may be one of the “hottest” (which is probably correlated to no rain) but this drought is a big nothing burger. Too bad this one is man-made (40% of our water every year) is used for the fish.

  5. Ernest Bush says:

    During that storm the middle of California was full of water, about one third of the state. The flood stretched from south of El Centro to above Sacramento. It is documented that a good portion of that city’s population lived in the second story of their houses for a couple of months. Imagine what grief that would cause today.

  6. Eric Simpson says:

    Btw, socal has been really very cool the last week, with temps in the low 80s for Pasadena (typically 90+ or so). Now we seem to be entering a warming stretch, where the warmist propaganda outlet says that it will top out on Thursday (July 24th) at 97°F. Well, about a week ago weather dot com was predicting that it would be 101 on July 24th, and as I said at the time, because I have seen this over and over again, I said I’ll bet that temperature prediction drops by 5+ degrees as we get closer to the actual date. Sure enough (it has dropped 4° and we still have two days). Why does this matter? I think it’s just a little part of the effort to by the warmist channel weather dot com to make the world look a little warmer, so when people view the weather for the next 10 days … it on average will tend to appear that it will be hotter than it will actually be. On average, I’ll bet that’s the case, that weather dot com inflates the numbers of their predictions for the next couple of weeks. Maybe.

  7. Andy DC says:

    I am so dubious of all these claims now. Do you think that record is for real?

  8. Andy DC says:

    It is not surprising that the drought is getting worse, given the fact that is seldom rains in California during the summer.

  9. “Almost the entire country except for California is running cold.”

    However, this is where Leonardo DiCaprio hangs out a lot.

    • Al Gore says:

      Hey who cares about him! What about me? Let’s pay attention here! I paid almost 9 mil for a ritzy pad in Santa Barbara. Five bedrooms, nine baths, six fireplaces, pool, spa, etc.

      Of course I also own a home in Virginia and another in Tennessee. I firmly believe that we should spread around our carbon imprint to keep it diluted and not concentrate it all in one place.

      It sure is hot, due to all this global warming. Hot, hot!

  10. njsnowfan says:

    I hope CA invest in Big salt water to fresh water systems now, POD should remain in a negative ring tone for many years to come. Negative PDO = Drought for the SW. My call the next 7 will be real bad then 2 years of showers then 7 more very dry, After that depends on what solar cycle #26 will do.

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