IPCC Releases Their April Fools Day Report, With A Grave Warning

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15 Responses to IPCC Releases Their April Fools Day Report, With A Grave Warning

  1. ccglea says:

    I think we need to believe them. After all, their predictions have been spot on in the past.

  2. tom0mason says:

    Oh no! woe is me, woe is me and thrice woe is me….
    It is so bad!
    Worse than we thought!
    The AGW catastrophists are on the news and, and …..
    Woe, woe, and more woe! The five horseman of the IPCC pox have spoken….
    Life is a terminal affliction! And CO2 is the enemy…


    This report is so vapid that it demands a comedy spoof, where are the comedy writers when we need them?

    Meanwhile on the other channel there’s sport …

  3. gator69 says:

    So Hansen made the cover. Good for him.

  4. Andy Oz says:

    With this much ice, I’m expecting a cold winter in Australia.

  5. Justa Joe says:

    Is the BHO administtration handing out tax credits to companies that promote the AGW scare? First Chipotle now this.

  6. Password protected says:

    It is enough to fool the currenty US administration.

  7. R. de Haan says:

    This is not a 1 april prank:
    Here are some facts that do meet the claims: Inhofe, Defense budget used by Obama as his climate change sludge fund. US West Coast no longer defended against incoming missiles from Russia and Iran, defense capability seriously undermined by scrapping perfectly functioning systems but hey, we now have solar panels.: http://www.breitbart.com/Breitbart-TV/2014/04/01/Inhofe-Warns-Georgia-Moldova-Next-for-Russia-Attacks-Obama-for-Eliminating-Weapon-Systems

    Impeach the hack.

  8. geran says:

    But isn’t the IPCC just one long continuing April Fools’ joke?

  9. tom0mason says:

    I’m indebted to robbcab for this –
    “The release of the AR5 WGII SPM got me thinking and looking back through the older reports.

    Take a peek at this: http://bit.ly/1mIpjmY

    I decided to go all the way back to 1988 and look at the Hansen et al paper that “started it all” and compare his projections for both low-emission and high-emission scenarios (kind of like Steve Goddard has been doing).”

    from http://suyts.wordpress.com/2014/03/31/more-contemptible-lying-bullhit-from-the-ipcc/#comment-131982

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