CO2 For Better Living

Energy efficient CO2 appliances will soon make Great Lakes ice cubes for your drink, while simultaneously cooking your tofu using the missing heat.

More advanced models will use the carbonation from your drink as the heat source.

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  1. Andy Oz says:

    Alarmist are horrified by this WMD.

  2. gator69 says:

  3. tom0mason says:

    The CO2 warming is supposed to get things blooming earlier in the temperate regions, that’s why the cherry’s have bloomed already?

  4. tom0mason says:

    you may wish to look here to see that

    Dr Neukom summed up for a University of Melbourne press release:

    The study showed the ‘Medieval Warm Period’, as identified in some European chronicles, was a regional phenomenon.

    During the same period, temperatures in the Southern Hemisphere were only average. Our study revealed it was not a common climate event that many people have previously assumed.

    Back to the hockey stick and no MWP again!

      • Organic Fool says:

        Midwest Energy News doesn’t seem to like comments from ‘deniers’! They ‘moderated’ (deleted) three comments. They promote clean energy over there, but how will people heat their homes with wind and solar? Seriously, what is their plan when winters become more like this one and cold has wiped out bio-fuels in the Midwest? James Hansen promotes nuclear. Or maybe they didn’t like comments from a fool on April Fool’s day.

      • Organic Fool says:

        A fourth comment was deleted by Midwest Energy News, simply a link to a Google Tech talk on Clean Energy with Focused Fusion by Eric Lerner. So I emailed them directly, challenging them to answer my simple questions:

        Re: Heartland Institute says more CO2 is good for the planet

        My comments were all deleted on the forum, I assume anyone that doesn’t agree with carbon tax schemes is not allowed. Giordano Bruno would be sad to learn after 500 years that he died in vain from Grand Inquisitors.

        What clean energy do you plan to utilize to heat and cool your homes when the extremes hit, such as happened up North this winter? Do you consider nuclear energy clean and safe? How will a carbon tax help heat and cool your homes? And what contingencies will prepare for collapse of bio-fuels due to global cooling? Do you promote more energy efficient homes such as using passive solar and thermal mass?

        I am a permaculture teacher, and I would be glad to compare my carbon footprint with any of yours. But I don’t swallow the CO2 myths, which will lead to a UN carbon tax and more slavery for humans and poverty for those at the bottom of the rung. The rich and wealthy nations will be able to afford fuels while we will extract forcefully from continents like Africa and other war-torn regions. How exactly will a carbon tax help anybody but the already rich and corrupt banksters?

        If you are serious about clean energy, then why not support the scientists behind the Electric Universe ( as they prove the universe never exploded in a gravitational ‘big bang’ but is instead made of purely electrical forces (electrons, protons, neutrons and massive electrical currents and forces drive creation of galactic structures, stars, planets and life). The ramifications for technology are vast. There is research into a safer fusion energy for pennies of conventional nuclear. Google Tech Talks on Focus Fusion: The Fastest Route to Cheap, Clean Energy.

        One final point is the very real possibility of a major portion of the grid being brought down for up to 10 years if a powerful coronal mass ejection (CME) directly hits Earth, with several near misses in the last decade. The grid should be reinforced to protect from transformer failure. Those hit regions could experience major collapse. No gasoline pumps, no electricity, no heat or cooling for homes, no running water.

        There are real dangerous pollutants from coal fired plants and conventional nuclear power, but CO2 is not one of them. CO2 is a red herring and a vampire issue.

        I will publish any comments of yours on a blog discussing these issues, unlike you deleting mine.

        BTW, I am originally from Sioux Falls and I remember the 70s winters, much like what was experienced this year. We are very likely heading back to the ‘good old days’, and if John Casey (google Global Cooling Awareness Project) is correct, we may even be heading back to a cold more similar to the ‘little ice age’ that lasted 400 years. This is based on a quieter sun. We came out of that cold period around 1900, coinciding with modern industrialization, but before CO2 began to increase. CO2 is a minor variable and will probably not overcome cooling. Not to mention volcanic eruptions that can cool the planet by several degrees within weeks. Many volcanoes are waking up. People up north will pray for global warming. You can’t blame both cooling and warming on CO2, like they want to do. It is naïve to think we can somehow control the climate and that reducing something at .04% in the atmosphere is going to reduce hurricanes and tornadoes. Some of the most devastating hurricanes were during cooler times and when CO2 was less (

  5. Climatism says:

    Ha. Gold.

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