My McKitten Forecast

We have a Chinook today, which fanned a forest fire burning west of town adjacent to the last year’s big burn. Look for McKitten to declare the end of the world when he hears about it.

ScreenHunter_213 Mar. 15 18.06

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11 Responses to My McKitten Forecast

  1. Fred from Canuckistan . . . says:

    He’ so stupid he’ll hear about it, clue into the word Chinook and blame the lack of fish on Global Warming.

    Wait for it.

  2. gofer says:

    They are all going full-out bat-crazy stupid. They must realize that time is running out because the climate is going to make fools of them since they are screaming catastrophe. It’s remarkable how those in the public can just swallow all this garbage. No wonder dictators come into power. IF you can convince people they are responsible for the weather, there is nothing they won’t believe as long as you have some authority figure to proclaim it’s truth. Tryants, everywhere, must be jumping for joy that so many stupid and gullible people exist.

    It’s only a handful of scientists that are responsible and I doubt the vast majority would go on record saying the outlandish things we hear from Hansen. Why don’t they publish a list. The only lists ever published didn’t go as far as to proclaim catastrophe. They should be forced to make fools of themselves and become known, in the future, as Luddites.

    It’s NOT Iran or N. Korea, or even China that is a huge threat, but the weather is a greater threat. What has happened that people can get away with such absurd, ridiculous statements without people rolling their eyes and thinking them nuts? Notice the one’s who scream the loudest are the most over-privileged. Non-wealthy and non-trust fund babies don’t have time for the insanity because they actually have to work for a living.

    McKibben has to do something to justify his $4.7 million budget. IT is interesting that he got global warming fever after contracting Dengue Fever in Bangladesh. These arrogant hippies screamed that Watts got a few thousand from Heartland for a specifc project. Slimey hypocrites.

  3. Pathway says:

    Habitat improvement!

  4. Scott says:

    Steve – a couple of my friends said it was a controlled burn that got out of control. Do you know if that’s true?


  5. Eric Simpson says:

    Less fires now then there were. And less hurricanes. Here’s a graphic showing
    “accumulated cyclone energy” to be less now than it was in the ’70s:

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