Ehrlich Shock News : Humanity Was Wiped Out In 1992

The Physicists: The History of a Scientific Community in Modern America – Daniel J. Kevles – Google Books

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7 Responses to Ehrlich Shock News : Humanity Was Wiped Out In 1992

  1. LLAP says:

    I wonder how long before Ed Darrell shows up to say you are misquoting Ehrlich?

  2. Me says:


  3. I guess we were extremely lucky then.

    I hate to think what he worries about these days, given the fact that he’s probably got around to watching Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow, and Mars Attacks.

  4. Chewer says:

    Maybe he’ll draw on the real reason shelled creatures developed shells…
    Hint: It has nothing to do with protection from hungry species, but rather everything to do with what happen during the planetary transition of magnetospheric reversal.

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