Kompany Puts It In The Back Of The Net

City on a roll since they chucked Balotelli.

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11 Responses to Kompany Puts It In The Back Of The Net

  1. Edward. says:

    Manchester 1, other team 0, come on you City!

  2. Pops says:

    Never mind the prima donnas poncing about, you’re on Fox…


    • Cool! Global warming is BS, but football is serious business. Supposedly 650 million people watched the match today.

      • tckev says:

        As Bill Shankly most famous quotation is probably one that is often misquoted…
        “Some people believe football is a matter of life and death, I am very disappointed with that attitude. I can assure you it is much, much more important than that”.

  3. Independent says:

    What an exciting end to the season. I don’t like either team but City definitely deserved to win. I don’t understand why SAF would play Park instead of Valencia and put Giggs on the outside. If you ask me Valencia has been the most dangerous attacking player in England this season (yes, more dangerous than Van Persie or Rooney or anyone) and he doesn’t get a start in the most important game.

    Anyway congrats to City on a big win. That Newcastle game should be massive now!

  4. Edward. says:

    City ain’t my team either and yet kinda [being a northerner and Footie fan] – they always were – especially in last nights’ match. I also like Mancini, his style as a player and true bottle at Internationale and now he’s sticking it up to red nose.

    Come on you Blues, Blue Moon it was last night and Colin ‘King of the Kippax’, Mike and Franny, ‘upstairs’ Joe and Tony too, must have been singing all night long.

  5. Galvanize says:

    A strange performance by United for sure. If City get the right result at Newcastle, the title must be theirs.

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