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No Northern Hemisphere Warming Since The 1930s

In 1975, the National Academy Of Sciences produced this graph of northern hemisphere temperatures, which had been plummeting since the 1930s. Science Magazine Ice Age Hansen has since altered the northern hemisphere temperature record to look like this. Fig.B.gif (410×678) The difference between the … Continue reading

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real-science.com update

I am just back from a soccer game, and someone named Richard Garwin has posted over on real science dot com that he is the “new owner” of the blog. I don’t know anything about it, have no association with it, … Continue reading

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Cold Arctic Air Causing Slow Arctic Melt

Hansen says that the Arctic is the fastest warming place on Earth.  Dozens of other places are also the fastest warming place on Earth, but the Arctic is particularly important because Hansen has almost no thermometers there. sfctmpmer_01a.fnl.30.gif (800×618)

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Pakistan Raid : “Obama was playing golf “

In the official photograph, he looked every inch the commander in chief. Strain etched on his face, Barack Obama watched as the raid to kill Osama bin Laden played out on a television in front of him. According to a … Continue reading

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Obama Had No Clue What Was Happening In Pakistan – Takes Credit Anyway

Obama pretending he was watching the raid which Panetta ordered. 11:02AM BST 04 May 2011 Yet another backtrack and change of tune from the White House has emerged over the fact that Obama did NOT watch the raid live and did not see the … Continue reading

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1989 : Almost Out Of Time To Save The Planet

TIME GROWS SHORT TO HEAL OUR EARTH May 23, 1989 Not all dinner party conversation is fluff and nonsense. The other night, a friend leaned over and asked, “Do you think people understand yet about global warming and are ready … Continue reading

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No Sea Level Rise In Vancouver : Experts Worried

In case you were wondering how utterly clueless climate science has become……. Data and Station Information for VANCOUVER The tide gauge at Vancouver, Canada shows no change in sea level over the last 100 years. Experts there are terrified. Sea level rise … Continue reading

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Obama Model Economy Hits 24% Unemployment

Not only did La Liga bomb out of the Champions League this week, but the Spanish green economy hit 24.4% unemployment Spanish unemployment hits record 5.64 million Unemployed people in Spain describe their hunt for work Spanish unemployment has hit a … Continue reading

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Greenland : April Goes Out Like A Lion

Tasiilaq gets yet another heavy dump of snow. Leading experts tell us that Greenland is rapidly melting down and will drown us all. Hendriks webcam i Tasiilaq

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1970 : Ehrlich Linked To Racism And Genocide

The Evening News – Google News Archive Search

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