1890 : Rapid Glacial Retreat In Alaska


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7 Responses to 1890 : Rapid Glacial Retreat In Alaska

  1. suyts says:

    Is global warming, retroactively.

  2. Jay Neumark says:


    I have been following Anthony’s site for years and now I follow yours. I check for updates several times a day and appreciate all the time you have devoted. I think you are on to something big with your searching of old climate information using google books. I hope you are able to keep all of the stuff you find in a searchable and organized way. It could be as big as the surfacestations project if everyone who reads these blogs spent some time searching and collecting. Just a thought, you do more than enough already.

  3. Richard Sharpe says:

    Since those old books were not peer reviewed their science is worthless.

    Modern glacier retreat is due to human emissions of CO2, and the heat is in the pipeline, damnit!

  4. Colin Baird says:

    Where does Richard Sharpe get the notion that, although we have been emerging from a global ice age for 10,000 years, climate change suddenly all just stopped and we reached a blissful stasis where nothing would have changed (forevermore) if we just hadn’t interfered?

    • suyts says:

      Where do any of the lunatics get the notion? They state that we’re damaging the climate, that it isn’t natural and the results will be bad. But they’ve never defined what their nirvana would be. This is one of the great things about Steve’s historical context in his blog. We should fight like hell to get back to all of the wonderful things that happened before atmospheric CO2 went above some magical limit?

      • Colin Baird says:

        It is an incredible conceit we have that we can seek to play about with the “global thermostat” without serious unintended consequences. What are we turning it back to? Medium? Low? Nobody has even mentioned this question. Where is the end game? And are we ever likely to get a consensus on the time to stop cutting CO2? Once an ice age has set in perhaps? Try growing crops on an ice sheet.

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