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“polluters growing desperate” “record-breaking climate disasters crippling the United States”

Everyone with an IQ over 30 knows that cold and snow are caused by trapped heat. http://thinkprogress.org/2011/02/06/krauthammer-climate-religion/

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Our Mistake Exposed : Skeptic Data Stops In The Year 1800!

Arguments against global warming hardly based on fact Is a new ice age on the way despite evidence of global warming? Interestingly enough, we may have been on the verge of a new ice age, until it was averted by … Continue reading

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Having Spent The Night At The Airport In Brussels Last Week, I Am Proud To Now Call Myself A Belgian

This guy ran over 10,000 miles last year. BELGIAN runner Stefaan Engels set a world record after crossing the finish line of his 365th marathon in as many days yesterday. Engels, dubbed the “Marathon Man”, began the extreme physical challenge … Continue reading

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Shocking Behavior By Early Arctic Explorers

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Global Warming Causing Arctic Cold To Migrate South

It was -9F (-23C) in Juarez, Mexico this week. http://www.hprcc.unl.edu/products/maps/acis/MonthTDeptUS.png    

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“Climate Outlook … above normal temperatures for much of Kansas and Colorado. “

January 2011 Climate Summary High Plains Regional Climate Center 02/04/11 La Niña conditions were present across the equatorial Pacific this month and are expected to continue into spring 2011.  The temperature outlook indicates a higher probability of above normal temperatures … Continue reading

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Judge : California AB32 Needs To Be Made Even Worse

A San Francisco Superior Court judge has temporarily halted the implementation of California’s Global Warming Solutions Act over its “cap-and-trade” regulations. The Global Warming Solutions Act (officially known as Assembly Bill (AB) 32), signed into law by then-Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger … Continue reading

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Half An Hour Until The BIG Game Of The Day

Will Torres start? Will Gerard try to take him out?

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Arctic Ice Extent Same As 2005, And Greater Than 2006


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“During the warming of the early 1900s, variations in the mean area of arctic sea ice were roughly 10 to 15 per cent”

In other words, Arctic ice loss was about the same during the (nearly identical) early 20th century warming. Also, they concluded that changes in Arctic ice were not responsible for changes in climate. http://data.giss.nasa.gov/ http://books.google.com/

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