James Overland 2003 : Arctic Ice Hasn’t Changed For 200 years


h/t to Dennis Ambler and Marc Morano

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5 Responses to James Overland 2003 : Arctic Ice Hasn’t Changed For 200 years

  1. Dave N says:

    If Overland decides to ignore the 1920’s, what does he expect?

  2. ES says:

    Amundsen might have been able to navigate the entire Northwest Passage in 1903; ice conditions were particularly favourable that year. He wrote in his account of the voyage, “The North West Passage was therefore open to us. But our first and foremost task was to obtain exact data as to the Magnetic North Pole, and so the Passage, being of less importance, had to be left in abeyance.”

  3. Russell C says:

    PBS recently had a fascinating program on the 1881 Adolphus Greely expedition to Lady Franklin Bay by the upper NW coast of Greenland, and their efforts to collect huge amounts of weather observations ( http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/americanexperience/films/greely/ ). Naturally, PBS with its AGW bias had to get a dig in about solving global warming: “Michael Robinson, Historian: We are now using Greely’s data to understand how global warming happens, to understand how the climate has changed over the last hundred years. The irony is that the data is of interest today but not because it offers the key to an understanding of nature, but because it offers a key to how human beings have changed nature.

    Not being one to keep track of such things, my curiosity is if skeptics have analyzed Greely’s data and what the results were. If it proves things are pretty much the same, we could predict that AGW believers would say Greely’s crew kept inaccurate records. But of course, if the records indicate current times are vastly warmer and skeptics question the devotion of Greely’s crew to record-keeping in light of their lack of experience and disgruntled attitudes early on in the expedition, as revealed in the PBS program, then the skeptics would be branded as industry-paid naysayers….

  4. mitchel44 says:

    “And while no ship sailed through the passage in the 19th century, several came within 150 km of doing so, without the aid of an engine,chart,or functioning compass.”

    Or satellite maps of current ice conditions, or friendly icebreakers standing by, or wireless communications, etc…..

  5. Gator says:

    No worry, Hansen et al will simply go back and “smooth & homogenize” the explorer’s logs to show massive multi-year ice pack all the way down to New York harbor.

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