Half An Hour Until The BIG Game Of The Day

Will Torres start? Will Gerard try to take him out?

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  1. Mike Davis says:

    Are they playing in Dallas? 😉

  2. Amino Acids in Meteorites says:

    The question is how many intentional groundings will Aaron Rogers have?

    Anyone taking bets?

    • suyts says:

      lol, as if the refs would call it……..

      • Amino Acids in Meteorites says:

        He tends to throw it where no one is so as to not get an interception when the pressure comes.

        I remember that game a few years ago Dallas vs. NY Giants where Dallas was heavily favored. Tony Romo’s head wasn’t in the game. It was still in Cabo with Jessica Simpson, I guess. He got some intentional grounding calls. Rogers will probably be in a place where he could be called for intentional grounding calls today not because his head is with some hot girl but because he can’t handle pressure.

        Enough of the talk, let’s get it on!

      • suyts says:

        lol, still a few hours away! Here’s hoping that is a great game and not a blow out. I look for the deep pass for Pitt to be open early. The Pack will tighten the run to prevent Mendenhall from running wild like he did early in the Jets game. For those not familiar, watch Ward and Polamalu. Even if the play isn’t their way, they play football. Like Favre, these guys have a palatable love for the game. Woodson for the Pack is key, as is Mathews and Hawk. If they bring their A game this should be a classic defensive battle. Steelers usually win those.

      • Amino Acids in Meteorites says:

        I have to hand it to Dom Capers and the Green Bay defense. They went after causing a fumble by Mendenhall. It worked. It was likely the key point in the game.

      • Amino Acids in Meteorites says:

        I look for the deep pass for Pitt to be open early.

        You were right. But Rothelsburger’s chest was hit and he didn’t finish the follow through. Wallace had beaten the coverage and if it was a good throw it would have gone for a TD. So a huge play for GB.

      • Amino Acids in Meteorites says:

        I think Clay Mathews was the MVP of the game because he was involved with most key defensive plays.

      • suyts says:

        Mathews played a great game. It was a fun game to watch. I lost a few bucks, but it was a good game.

  3. Byz says:

    Well £75 million spent and the result 1 nil to Liverpool 😮

    The Ray Wilkins effect continues (he was a studio expert on Sky Sport this afternoon).

    • They were complete crap again. And Liverpool scored about a minute after Torres was pulled. Should have been 2-0

    • bubbagyro says:

      Absolutely amazing!
      Someone actually scored a goal? The game didn’t end in a tie?
      Was the goal scored with all the players on the field, or just two at the end?
      I’m completely flabbergasted.

      • I was watching the NFC championship game a couple of weeks ago and it took about 70 minutes to play the last 10 minutes. Of that 10 minutes there was about 90 seconds of actual playing time.

        How American football fans can criticize other sports is beyond me.

      • bubbagyro says:

        Don’t ever go to a chess match! (granted, not much of a spectator sport!)
        For continuous action, nothing beats table tennis—lots of points, no stop action.
        And no one collapses with feigned injury.

        Actually, the replays and such in American football could be improved, but then it would not make $Billions, as it does. Most of the downtime is caused by commercialization. After a kickoff, just a few years ago, the play would resume as soon as the offense got on the field, about 30 seconds. Now there are at least 4 minutes of commercial time before the receiving team even runs a play

        And replays ruin every sport. I often think that replays were put in after much lobbying by the bookies.

      • Bruce says:

        Now how would I explain cricket? The NSW vs Queensland cricket final in 1985 all work stopped as our whole department ended the day crowded around a small radio listening as each ball was bowled and Clifford and Gilbert held their last wicket partnership together and scrambled for a draw.

        A 5 day match, drawn, and one of the most exciting I’ve ever followed. So explain to me again why Americans think us Aussies are weird?

  4. bubbagyro says:

    Just as a comparison, and we can get back to topics, which would you prefer to watch: A baseball game or a cricket match? Please be consistent with previous remarks.

    [I am being a bit jolly, of course]

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