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  1. omanuel says:

    I will be there. It is 58 F in St Louis.

  2. darrylb says:

    For us, in the boonies, the theaters are all a distance away; in the Mpls/ St. Paul area.
    But I have film coming to me some time soon, and if anyone is near Southern MN. I would gladly have a film night at my house. I am very serious, any number from one to several dozen.
    Anybody from ‘Minnesotans for global Warming’ reading this? They did that terrific parody on Michael Mann, chopping the trees.
    I wanted it to show in schools, as a counter to the foolish Inconvenient truth.

  3. gregole says:

    On my way out right now – looking forward to an evening of entertainment!

    • gregole says:

      It was great. I bought an extra ticket and I’m glad I did because someone tried to buy a ticket and was told that it was sold out – so I scalped my extra ticket to him! Worked out great. And great job Tony! You were straight up and straight to the point.

      The Climate-Change / Global Warming debunking was not too instructive to me as I have been watching this since 2009 and Climategate so to me it wasn’t news; and don’t get me wrong, I thought it was well presented. But what got to me was the venom, rage, and fear you see in the alarmists. I just don’t pay any attention to media at all and to see the venom and rage directed against climate skeptics is a bit shocking. My impression is that they must be talking about someone else – but no it’s me. Oh. And Bill Nye is creepy. Children’s show host. Creepy.

      • “… venom, rage, and fear …” I certainly agree with you on that. Below is an attempt to reproduce a comment and reply from “CB” I stumbled across. “CB” is a prolific and obsessed commenter … dozens of comments on various sites every single day, on the single topic of AGW. Disturbing stuff …

        CB rkief a day ago
        COMMENT: “Is it possible that immediate profits for Big Oil and related special interests are more important to Republicans than some other things?”

        “CB’s REPLY: I do not think it’s about profits!
        I think the entire GOP has devolved into a type of death cult.
        They are actually trying to commit suicide on behalf of all humanity.
        There’s no way even the Kochs will get enough money from their dishonesty to make up for the damage it’s likely to do.
        “The Koch Brothers have sent at least $79,048,951 to groups denying climate change science since 1997.”
        “2015 Unambiguously the Hottest Year on Record… 2015 set the record with 99.996% confidence.”…

        • There is no money for skeptics. I would know if there was. Stop lying.
          Richard Muller from Berkeley Earth is a fraud.

        • Friendly fire.

        • Whoa! Calm yourself!

          Steve … please re-read my entire comment. I was providing an example of the venom and rage by the AGW camp that Gregole referenced.

          It was a clumsy reproduction of a Disqus comment … and the reply by a particularly rabid AGW fanatic. The first paragraph is mine, the rest is repeating what someone else said.

          I’m pretty sure you have run across this “CB” numerous times in any number of comment sections. He’s everywhere, everyday … and impossible to miss.

          And the lie about money for skeptics is the LEAST of his BS. Did you not read the part about him saying that “the GOP is a death cult … that is trying to commit suicide on behalf of all humanity?” He’s insane …

        • After 46 years of close observation I conclude that Tea Party prohibitionists and Econazi brainwashees are precisely the same coercive, death-worshipping altruists Ayn Rand warned us against in 1957. They simply choose to divide and destroy different parts of freedom on their first move.

        • Is it very hot where you are?

  4. AndyG55 says:

    Just a warning..

    Be prepared for violence for the climate cult.

    The far-left are ever out for violence, and may try to block people getting into cinemas etc.

    • AndyG55 says:

      typo…. violence FROM the climate cult.

      • I have never met looters with the courage to attack one on one. Their method is to brainwash useful idiots to elect politicians to send men with guns out to do the work, much like in Socialist Germany from the 1920s to 1989

  5. Jocko says:

    Saw it, was a bit disappointed, felt it could have been a bit more compelling. Could have done with a little less Judith Curry, and a little more Tony Heller. She did not come across as very impressive IMHO.

  6. RAH says:

    Sunday afternoon it finally got dry enough for me to mow my acre. After getting the trimming done and a few strips with the riding mower the company called. Emergency run. Driver that does a run up in Wisconsin had been hospitalized. Only time to get a shower and my thermoses full of coffee and at 15:48 I bobtailed out of the terminal bound for Port Washington, WI (Just north of Milwaukee) with a stop at a truck stop off Exit 230 on I-65 to unhook the sick or injured drivers tractor from the trailer and for me to hook up to it with my tractor and take off.

    10 hour break in Port Washington. Then this Monday starting at 10:00 this morning two stops in Port Washington, a stop in Granville, a stop in Janesville, and a stop in Pleasant Prairie. Then homeward bound through Chicago rush hour traffic and arriving in Anderson, IN at 23:00 with the freight.

    Needless to say no movie for me.

  7. I counted about 100 people in the Albany NY showing. About 30 of them left during the Sarah Palin part, I just plugged my ears. The movie itself was great, though.

  8. Steve Case says:

    Sold out! It was originally scheduled for a smaller theater, and it was moved to accommodate the demand. It will be interesting to see how thoroughly the news media ignores the event.

    But I was disappointed, probably because I’d already seen most of the clips used. Where was Dr. John Holdren talking about waviness and Global Warming causing more of this pattern of extreme cold? Speaking of patterns, the pattern of altering the Argo float data, the sea level data, the RSS data, the GISS data, the sea surface data and the “Hide the Decline” You Tube featuring Dr. Michael Mann was missing. They did show the “Ten Ten No Pressure” exploding school children You Tube, but really didn’t explain what it was.

    About half the audience walked out of the panel discussion at the end. I stuck it out, but Sarah Palin was definitely out of her comfort zone.

    • Yes, they REALLY should remove the Sarah Palin part. She does not help, and it’s painful to watch her blather on like that.

    • That’s the trouble with having mystical bigots defending one’s scientific cause. I have a $50 bill that says Palin couldn’t differentiate a constant, much less define energy.

  9. rapscallion says:

    Unfortunately I can’t see this where I am. Instead of thinking of yourselves (the world doesn’t end at US borders you know) this should have been available worldwide. Hell, we could have done something effing radical like download it.

  10. Currently in Brazil, video cut out, but we get censorship from both sides: mystical Luddites and imperialist hauteur

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